A Fall State of Mind

It’s finally September, and yes, I do realize that Fall doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks, but I’ve already embraced a Fall state of mind. I think that we’ve all been looking for ways to feel uplifted and excited about something in life for the better part of this year, and for me, this is it. I know that for some people it still feels way too early to embrace pumpkins and spice scented candles, but this is exactly what I need right now.

But Fall will be different this year. Sadly we most likely won’t be doing any of our normal Fall travels. Nope, there will be no eating fresh baguette and brie along the Seine River in Paris. No brisk weather greeting us in Venice as we wander in search of some cicchetti. And definitely no kicking my feet through piles of leaves in Boston on our way to enjoy the world’s best lobster roll. This year will most definitely continue to look and feel different.

But even though there are things that we feel like we are missing out on, when I started to read through some of my blog posts from past years highlighting our favorite Fall traditions, I quickly realized that aside from our great desire to be traveling, we will definitely be able to do everything else that we normally enjoy. And wow, can I mention how completely normalizing it feels to know that we will get to do some things just as we always have?!?

In years past, I’ve always been quite inclined to create a Fall Bucket List. And while I’m not so sure whether or not I will again this year, I already have loads of ideas swirling around in my head. There are so many delicious foods that somehow seem even tastier in the Fall. Like Pumpkin Pancakes, my Mom’s Healthy Turkey Chili, and let’s not forget about Scotch-a-Roo’s. We always look forward to both apple picking in Julian, and then enjoying that first batch of Homemade Applesauce. We will definitely be picking up loads of pumpkins to decorate our apartment with. We’ve already embraced all things pumpkin at Dunkin Donuts, and are ready to start burning all of the Fall scented candles. We’re in the middle of a good ol’ Fall (Spring) cleaning, and we are definitely excited to start watching our favorite Halloween movies.

Yes, Fall will look and feel different in some ways this year for sure. But in so many other ways, it will thankfully be just as it always has been. And that is exactly what we both need right now – a little bit of Fall, and a little bit of normalcy in the midst of so much unknown.

4 Replies to “A Fall State of Mind”

  1. September is my favorite month

    1. September is so beautiful, I agree Kiran!

  2. I know that I am sad too that I cannot travel to have some of my favorite foods, like you mentioned. Maybe it could be fun to try and recreate your favorites at home. I’ve had some success cooking lobster rolls with fresh Maine lobster that I buy online. Hopefully you can recreate some of the things you like until you can travel for them again.

    1. Funny that you mention this idea…because that is exactly what we have started doing, and actually lobster rolls is one of our favorite things to make. We actually purchase frozen Maine lobster from our local store, but I’m sure that fresh Maine lobster is absolutely divine!

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