Late July Snacks

On our hunt to switch all of our food purchases from conventional to organic, a classic round cracker was needed – something buttery, light, perfect for snacking on its own or dipped, and yes, round. And while it didn’t sit very high on our priority list of organic foods (since it’s not something that we […]


While on our quest to transition our lives to be filled with only green, clean and organic basically everything, we found ourselves with an ever-growing list of things that we wanted to replace.  Our goal was simple, but the tasks seemed to be endless.  Especially when we started working on our health and beauty products. […]

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat

I like to think of myself as an independent thinker. But at the same time, I am amazed at how easy it sometimes feels to be influenced by the things that I see on social media. And this ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat is a perfect example. I had been hearing people talk about the benefits of […]

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

If you’re at all curious how far we are currently down the rabbit hole of organic, “clean,” and chemical-free just about everything. . .well, we’re really not down the rabbit hole anymore. And no, we haven’t moved into any sort of black hole either. We’ve decided that we are really just in the Bermuda Triangle […]

Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Can

Of all of the things that I would have never thought to be writing about on the blog, recycling bags probably ranks up there pretty high. But here we are on this gorgeously Fall Friday, and yes, I want to talk to you about recycling bags. As you well know, my love for organizing and […]

L.L. Bean Everyday Tote

For quite some time now, we had been looking for the “perfect” multi-use travel bag. Something that could easily be packed, washed, transformed into a beach bag, or even used as extra storage during travel. Basically the unicorn of all travel bags. We had bought a packable duffel a few years ago from Eddie Bauer, […]

Traveling with Teppy

Simply put, I am horrible with directions. My inner compass or directional instincts? Well, they basically don’t exist. On our honeymoon when we had to rely solely on printed out Google maps, I directed us 45 minutes in the wrong direction from our bed & breakfast in Florence. And if you know how small Florence […]

simplehuman Rechargable Sensor Soap Pump

Let me be honest. . .I think that the very last thing that I ever thought that I would be talking about here on the blog was a soap dispenser. (And in fact, you’re probably thinking the very same thing.) But you know what? This soap pump is awesome! When it comes to soap in […]

Clover Sonoma Organic Cream Cheese

So it sort of happened. Over time, but yeah it did. We sort of became “those” people. You know. . .those people who are maybe a little too aware of every single ingredient in their food. Those people who are in the grocery store reading food labels like novels. Yep, we’re those people. But at […]

2 in 1 Travel Hair Tool

Traveling light isn’t just something that I like to do, it’s something that completely sparks joy for me. But in my opinion, traveling light isn’t about making sacrifices, it’s about finding solutions. Over the years what I’ve found makes me happiest when we travel is to limit myself to packing just my “favorites.” And by […]