Walking in a Fall Wonderland

Were the leaves always this beautiful I wondered to myself? It almost felt like I had never seen such an explosion of color before. And when I flipped back through my camera roll, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I remember the leaves from my childhood just like it was yesterday, but somehow […]

Jumping Puddles with the Boston Marriott Copley Place

Rain was in the forecast, and I was as happy as a clam. Real Fall weather, real seasonal changes, and real rain. It was so good to be back in Boston. But really, it always is. – I happily found myself situated in Back Bay, at (for me) a new hotel, the Boston Marriott Copley […]

Piccola Università Tropea

I have been truly blessed to have studied at eight, maybe nine different schools in Italy. But the truth is that I have actually transferred out of three or four of those programs after the very first day. So really when it boils down to it, I have only “studied” at four different programs in […]

Calabria Without a Car

How to spend our time in Italy was something that we debated about for months. What is normally an easy decision for us, and one that I typically have a strong feeling about, was anything but. Beach or mountains? New cities, favorite cities, or a mix of new and old? Go to school, or don’t […]

3 Perfect Hours in Venice

So we basically had three hours. And even that was being a bit generous and optimistic. But really no matter how much time you have in Venice, my suggestion to you would always be the same – wander, eat good food, drink good wine, wander some more, linger while you wander, and leave happy. And […]

Going Back

It’s like I don’t remember the City being like this. Maybe it’s because we are so removed from it all now, or maybe it’s because I had just assumed that this would have always been our normal. Everything seemed so vibrantly green. There were cherry blossoms exploding with color at every corner. There were little […]

So We’re Rock People

So apparently we’re rock people now. Yeah, you know, people who like rocks? Please feel free to laugh, because even I was hesitant to admit it. But yes, we are definitely rock people. At some point during our Death Valley National Park camping trip, during one of the many hour – long excursions to look […]

High Winds

With our car packed to the brim, we both felt excited and ready to start our drive up to Death Valley National Park. Google Maps brought us right up to the “official” park entrance, and as we looked around for a sign pointing us in the right direction towards our campground, we both realized that […]

Getting Lost in Venice

We step out into the early morning sunlight, and are greeted by an invigorating and brisk whip of fresh air. The streets are still and quiet. As we hurry along, we are accompanied only by the early morning chatter of the birds, the gentle whirring of a boat passing through the canal to make bread […]

At Least I Was in Tuscany

My excitement to return to Florence (as always) was practically boiling over the few days before I left (which I almost can’t even believe was a few months ago at this point).  I could barely contain myself just thinking about everything that I was about to do, and see, and experience.  Life in Italy is truly […]