Apple Picking

When Ryan and I lived back East, Fall would roll around and I would instantly be excited for the brisk weather, long walks around Boston enjoying all of the colorful trees, freezing our butts off at a pumpkin festival, going to King Richard’s Faire, and of course, the arrival of sweater weather.

Now that we live in San Diego, Fall doesn’t so much arrive in the traditional sense.  And pretty much everything that we enjoyed about Fall on the East Coast is non-existent here.  But don’t get me wrong, Fall in San Diego does bring it’s own perks, and it has definitely brought us a few new traditions that we look forward to every year.

And at the top of our Fall in San Diego list is apple picking.  It wouldn’t feel like Fall for us without packing up for the day and heading out to Julian to pick apples.  Realistically, I am sure that there were plenty of great places to pick apples out East, but funny enough, that was never something that we did.  But now, it is not just something that we do, it is something that we love.

Maybe it’s just us, but there is truly no better taste than an apple picked fresh from the tree.  And now that I think about it, maybe our favorite part about apple picking is the apple eating.  In fact, yes, definitely the best part of apple picking is the apple eating.  Crisp, juicy, and super sweet with just a hint of tartness – if Fall had a taste, this would be it.

And even though it was a cool 83° (haha) on the day that we visited Julian this year, somehow it still felt like the perfect Fall day.  Well, Fall in San Diego that is.

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  1. I love creating new traditions together, and I love that this has become a mainstay for us!

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