this week’s highlights

Saturday / You know those brisk Fall days when you feel like bundling up, sitting by a fire, and enjoying a warm bowl of soup or a savory pasta dish? Well yeah, we don’t get those days in San Diego. And don’t get me wrong, I love San Diego. But I also miss those chilly […]

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

If you’re at all curious how far we are currently down the rabbit hole of organic, “clean,” and chemical-free just about everything. . .well, we’re really not down the rabbit hole anymore. And no, we haven’t moved into any sort of black hole either. We’ve decided that we are really just in the Bermuda Triangle […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / After a few week’s travel break from our local farmer’s market, we returned this morning, and it was absolutely gord-geous. The air was crisp (for us), the sun was shining (as usual), and the produce was definitely looking like Fall’s bounty – squash, pomegranates, apples, persimmons, colorful Swiss chard and pumpkins. As much […]

Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Can

Of all of the things that I would have never thought to be writing about on the blog, recycling bags probably ranks up there pretty high. But here we are on this gorgeously Fall Friday, and yes, I want to talk to you about recycling bags. As you well know, my love for organizing and […]

101 in 1001: The End

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, then you probably remember the 101 in 1001 list of goals, dreams and fun ideas that I had created for myself back in 2016. Being the list-lover that I am, after I heard about this idea from a friend of a friend of a friend, I […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / Yesterday we started traveling back home to San Diego. And unfortunately it did not go as planned. Mother Nature most definitely had a different plan in mind for us. An overnight stop in Phoenix with no rental cars to get home by sort of plan. So to say that I am already missing […]

Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: it’s the simple things in life. And when it comes to life’s simple pleasures, my Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich really takes the cake. On our (very) long list of things that we look forward to when we go home to my parents, my Dad making us […]

Why I Broke Up With Instagram

It was at least over a year ago, but probably even longer. Ryan and I were away traveling, and we had been sending my family pictures of our adventures along the way. And that’s when it came in. My sister had messaged me saying that she loved all of our pictures, “. . .but where […]

this week’s highlights

This past week wasn’t about appointments or what day of the week it was, meetings or schedules, or checking things off of my to-do list. Our week was about family, connection, laughter and memories. And really just about getting out of the flow of our “normal” life. Going home always feels like such a huge […]

L.L. Bean Everyday Tote

For quite some time now, we had been looking for the “perfect” multi-use travel bag. Something that could easily be packed, washed, transformed into a beach bag, or even used as extra storage during travel. Basically the unicorn of all travel bags. We had bought a packable duffel a few years ago from Eddie Bauer, […]