The Very Lost Art of Using a Camera

Growing up, cameras felt like something brand new.  Obviously they weren’t, but the technology was definitely still developing, and clearly there wasn’t a “smart” anything.  I still remember the few times that my Mom started looking for a new camera.   We would drive to the tiny little camera shop in our town, and very cautiously accompany […]

this week’s highlights

“There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved.” – George Sand Saturday / I almost can’t believe it, but today Ryan and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. 12 beautiful years together. Countless memories. So much laughter, and more love than I could have ever dreamt of. I feel so […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / We started off our morning with a long walk, and a swing by the farmer’s market. To my great delight, this morning I was accompanied by my brand new and almost ridiculously sized sun hat. Yes, it was originally made for lifeguards, but honestly I am as happy as a clam having the […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / J.R. Organics at the Little Italy Mercato rolled out their Summer watermelon selection this past weekend, and I picked up a baby orange one for us. And beyond being super sweet, it was sooo juicy and refreshing! Sunday / We stopped and picked up some coffee and doughnuts from Clayton’s to enjoy while […]

There is Time Enough for Everything

So it’s sort of that time of year when we are normally taking an extended holiday in Europe; something that we usually start planning for after all of the excitement of Christmas and the holidays have worn off. And typically without hesitation, I have a few ideas up my sleeve about where we should travel […]

the Smell of Grass

Last week while we were driving home from an early morning run on Coronado Island, we both rolled down the car windows to enjoy the surprisingly cool and beautiful weather. . .and immediately I caught the smell of freshly mown grass. Within an instant I was back to my childhood, running through the yard while […]

April Goals

It feels like we are officially settling into Spring here, and yikes, because we are already onto the fourth month of the New Year. . .yes, fourth. (Insert my shocked face here.) I feel like I am just finally starting to hit my stride with 2019. And yep, I get it, I am a late […]

March Goals

So I started this New Year slightly differently. And how was that, you might be wondering to yourself? Well, I didn’t create my typical list of goals or resolutions for the New Year. Yes, me. . .the list queen. And I didn’t make a single one. In recent years, I have surprisingly found myself being […]

My Year Ahead

In years past, the start of the New Year has often been a time for me to reflect, review. . .and then plan, plan, plan. And while I do really love the idea of creating a list of goals for the New Year, personally, I am finding myself in a different place this year. The […]

9 Things

Well to be honest, it’s been quite some time since I have updated my 101 in 1001 list.  Or frankly, have even thought about it.  But Ryan sweetly reminded me a few weeks ago that I should take a look at it again, and I figured that he was right. As I read through my […]