Princess Waffles

Like all of the best things in life, it is the simplicity that makes these waffles so very special. That and the memories. Because for me, Princess Waffles meant weekends, family time, cartoons, sleepy eyes, the unmistakable high-pitched screech that would come from my parents waffle iron, pajamas, gathering around the breakfast bar, and just […]

Homemade Dried Apple Peels

I am definitely one of the lucky ones, and I really can’t say it enough. Growing up my Mom was the kind of Mom who always put a homemade meal onto our dinner table. She packed our lunches, made us “puzzle” apples, and always made sure that she was filling our tummies with natural, whole […]

Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: it’s the simple things in life. And when it comes to life’s simple pleasures, my Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich really takes the cake. On our (very) long list of things that we look forward to when we go home to my parents, my Dad making us […]

Garbage Pizza

Growing up, garbage pizza was my family’s go-to pizza order. But let me explain, because no, we weren’t putting any sort of actual garbage on a pizza. Garbage pizza was simply the nickname that we had for our typical pizza order – sausage, peppers, mushrooms and onions. So why did we call it garbage pizza? […]

Dad’s (Famous) Caesar Salad

For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been keeping a recipe folder. And while I’m not totally sure where he keeps it (although I would love to know), what I do know, is that it is filled with only the best. And so when my Dad says that he is going to […]

Split Pea Soup

There is just something about eating soup during the Winter that feels so right.  That whole, come in from outside and warm yourself up with a bowl of hot soup, really feels like the hallmark of Winter eating.  Well, unless you live in San Diego that is, and lately your version of cold and Winter […]

Christmas Fettuccine

It’s hard for me to choose favorites when it comes to holiday movies (mostly because I love them all!), but if I had to make a short list, the Holiday would definitely be on it.  There’s just something about that cheesy plot of switching homes, the British accents, the Hans Zimmer score (we’re music nerds […]

Parisian Tomato Salad

The truth of the matter is, I had a pretty glamorized idea about how this was all going to go down.  I mean, in my head, this recipe is really pretty simple and straightforward.  So I really didn’t think that I would need that many cracks at testing this before sharing it with you guys.  […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

One of the earliest memories that I have of my Mom volunteering in my school classroom, was the day that she came in to make us all Pumpkin Pancakes.  In my slightly blurry memories of that day, I feel like I can almost still see her walking in – a cotton turtleneck tucked into jeans, […]


I am pretty sure that I say this with just about every recipe that I share with you, but honestly, this is one of my favorite recipes ever.  And also a recipe that I would file under “Mom’s most famous.”  Although I truly loved everything and anything that my Mom made for us growing up, […]