I am pretty sure that I say this with just about every recipe that I share with you, but honestly, this is one of my favorite recipes ever.  And also a recipe that I would file under “Mom’s most famous.”  Although I truly loved everything and anything that my Mom made for us growing up, like anyone, I also had my favorites.  And Scotch-a-Roo’s is at the top of that list.  (Well, also in addition to my Mom’s famous chili…and her banana bread.)  (And pretty much everything else that she made.)  (The list is pretty long.)

When I first tell most people about Scotch-a-Roo’s, they have no clue what I am talking about, and understandably so.  I completely know that I was insanely lucky with how much cooking and baking my Mom did for us growing up (like every day lucky).  But regardless of if you know what these are or not, all you really need to know is that you will love them.  Just think peanut-buttery, chocolately-butterschotchy, Rice Krispie-ish treats.  Yep, that pretty much says it all right there.  Oh, and be warned…these babies are very addictive.


1 Cup Light Karo Syrup
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter
6 Cups Rice Krispies
1 Package Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1/2 Package Butterscotch Chips

Butter a 9"x13" pan.  In a large pot set over medium high heat, heat the Karo syrup and sugar 
just until it boils.  Take the pan off of the heat and stir in the peanut butter until it is 
well blended, and then carefully stir in the Rice Krispies.  Press the mixture into the 
greased 9"x13" pan with a spatula.  (Just as a warning, the mixture is both very hot and very 
sticky.)  Let the bars cool to room temperature, about 2 hours.  Melt the chocolate and 
butterscotch chips in the microwave, until just melted (stirring about every 30 seconds).  
Pour the chocolate mixture over the bars and spread evenly.  Let the bars cool for another 
couple of hours, or until the chocolate firms up.

I think that the most difficult part of this recipe is waiting for everything to properly cool to room temperature.  And if you are struggling with patience, warning: do not be tempted to put these bars in the fridge to help them cool quicker.  Many times over the years we have impatiently thrown them in the fridge (or even freezer) to quickly cool them, and sadly, this flash-cooling method turns the bars into bricks that are practically uncuttable with even the sharpest of knives.  (Code word for, you will feel like you are going to break your teeth when eating them.)

But as long as you follow the recipe, and add in a little bit of patience, I promise you that you will be rewarded with a dreamy and creamy bar that will have you coming back for “just one more.”  Plus, this recipe has the official “Mom’s Best” seal of approval, so you know that it is going to be a winner.

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  1. I literally can’t stop eating these! Just reading your post gives me the twitches to have another one!

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