Dreaming of Disneyland

With Governor Newsom’s latest set of guidelines for the State of California announced and officially in effect, I can’t help but struggle with some feelings of disappointment. And I’m not suggesting that I don’t agree with his guidance for the State. Because in fact I do think that a slow reopening is probably our best chance at success. But at the same time, it’s sort of looking and feeling like we could be well into 2021 until we ever experience a full reopen.

No, the fault definitely does not fall on Gov. Newsom’s shoulders. The responsibility for our State (and our country) being able to successfully reopen is each and every individuals responsibility. It is all of our small positive choices that together can make a huge impact. And I know that I’ve stressed this about three thousand times by now, but really, we all need to be doing our part. Each and every effort truly makes the world of a difference.

So yes, unfortunately the virus continues to have a hold on us. And since I’ve been feeling a little bit blue over it all, I can’t help but daydream about Disneyland. It’s just about this time of the year that our annual passholder memberships open back up again after a long stretch of Summer blockout days. And any day now, we would normally be excitedly planning our first day back. We’d be thinking about what ride we would go on first (always Peter Pan), about what food we would eat first (still always a corn dog), and we’d be hoping to find a day that might be a bit on the cooler side weather wise. But who are we kidding? Rain, shine, heat or cooler temperatures, our excitement to go to Disneyland is always boiling over.

The beginning of September marks the first Park transformation of the year with Halloween. The music is spooky, there are gourds and pumpkins everywhere, and the smell of pumpkin spice wafts through the air. All of the treats have been re-imagined to feature Halloween, there are hay bales piled high with cornstalks and pumpkins, there are more villainous characters roaming about, and endless store shelves stocked with Halloween themed t-shirts and souvenirs. There are lights and lanterns, the Haunted Mansion has completed its famous transformation, and the flowerbeds have all been replanted with a rainbow of Fall mums.

And then there is that infectious Disney energy. That irresistible energy that floats through the Park, bringing a smile to your face and a joyful spring to your step. Yes, Disney brings the excitement like no other. It’s like Christmas morning every time that you step foot into the Park. Everything feels fresh and new, and happy and so very, very carefree. And really, that is exactly what I could use right now. A day away to feel like a kid again.

Gov. Newsom did announce that he is working closely with Disneyland to achieve an opening date. But after many months of holding my breath for any sort of substantial positive change, I know better than to do so now. So until it’s official, I’ll just be dreaming. Dreaming of all of those feelings. Dreaming of when Disney will open up again. And dreaming of that energy. We will beat this virus, and some normalcies will return. I wish that I knew when, and I so desperately wish it would be soon. But until then, I’ll just keep dreaming.

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  1. Oh wow does that look fun, I would flip to go to Disney right now! We always go at Christmastime, but Halloween always looks so cute. We may need to change our plans when they finally reopen and go right away!

    1. I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed for a Disney miracle here! I think that we could all definitely use a little bit of that Disney magic right about now :)

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