Paris in the Fall

I can almost remember the exact moment that I first mentioned to Ryan about wanting to visit Paris in the Fall.  It was about nine, maybe even ten years ago, and I was sitting on our bed in our Philadelphia apartment while Ryan was at the desk (most likely playing some sort of video game).  Something that I had seen on TV triggered this idea and this feeling that, “…wouldn’t it be beautiful to visit Paris in the Fall someday?!?”

Flash forward those nine or ten years, and here we are on the other side of that dream.  We have just returned from spending one beautifully Fall-filled week in Paris, and although my original image of Paris in the Fall was possibly on the verge of fantasy, I can honestly say that the real thing is even better.

Visiting Paris during the Fall was truly everything that I had dreamed that it would be and then some (and then a lot, actually).  Maybe we got lucky with the foliage (definitely), and maybe we got lucky with the weather (also definitely), but honestly, I couldn’t have dreamt of Paris being any more beautiful.

The leaves were still turning from bright green into yellows and burnt oranges, and they slowly began to fall all week long, perfuming our walks with the most delicious Fall smell.

The weather was a perfect 54° with only a few patches of gray, and one very short rain shower.  But other than that, the sun was shining and the air was so wonderfully crisp.

Between the leaves and the weather, Paris’ streets seemed to feel perfectly decorated for the season.  I couldn’t help but have a pep in my step.  Paris in the Fall truly was one of those moments that I still feel like I need to pinch myself about.

So often in life it is easy to feel disappointed with reality because of our preconceived expectations; but this was a moment in our lives when everything perfectly aligned – the leaves, the weather, the beauty of the city – for me, Paris will always be remembered just as it was.

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  1. I’m glad you’re able to get some fall weather in. I kind of take it for granted living in the northeast where we have the most beautiful fall weather!

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