Down the Nesting Rabbit Hole

So it has been nearly three weeks since my last blog post went live, and honestly, these past few weeks have sort of been a complete blur. And also, I can’t quite believe that it has already been three weeks since I last posted. Like three weeks? Really? Where the heck did the time go? Well, I know exactly where it went. Projects. Lots and lots of baby projects.


I’ve heard so many people talk about the instinctual desire to “nest” and to get things ready for the arrival of baby. And boy is there no exaggeration there. I just wasn’t anticipating that my extreme nesting desires would kick in three months before it was time to meet baby. I was thinking maybe the month before, or maybe even with the turning of the New Year. But nope, the desire to nest arrived, and there was no denying it. I just woke up one morning and immediately had a mega list of things that I wanted us to get done. And so we did.

We started out with a lot of house cleaning projects, just turned up a notch. (Or a few.) Like a super deep clean of our apartment, including but not limited to changing the air conditioning filters, vacuuming out the ducts, shampooing all of our carpets, and reorganizing basically every single closet. We also did a deep clean of our car, finished putting the nursery together, moved some artwork around, patched up little wall holes, did some paint touch-ups, went through all of our clothes (again), and changed our water filters.

And then there were all of the non-house projects. Like doing all of our holiday shopping, wrapping said holiday gifts, shopping for baby, finishing our baby registry, researching endless baby products (for example, everything that we wanted to have for baby’s first aid needs), and placing way too many Amazon orders. We also went to the store and picked out celebration cards for everyone that we know for the next year (think birthdays, anniversaries, etc. . .). We organized our taxes to get those filed right away, and I finally got caught up on all of my back logged emails. And the lists really went on and on from there.

At this point I honestly can’t even remember half of the stuff that we’ve done (which I’m obviously blaming on my pregnancy brain), I just know that we’ve been busy. But get this. . .there is still more to do! And no, it’s not that we have put off these projects until this point. It’s really that when you start to think about how your life is about to change (all for the better of course!), and how you will have much more limited time (or sometimes none at all). . .well, you suddenly feel this great desire to prepare and organize as much as humanly possibly. Which actually unrelatedly reminds me that we’ve also been doing a ton of extra cooking lately. Because another one of my “projects” is to make sure that we have four to six weeks of dinners cooked and ready for us in our freezer for when baby gets here.

Writing again.

So yeah, I think that you can probably start to get a pretty good idea of where our time has gone these past few weeks. And really, it’s been great. I honestly feel so insanely blessed to work for myself and to get to make these choices to step back when they feel right for my life or our life. But I also can’t deny it, I was definitely missing and craving the routine that I am so used to. And so although I still have so many different little (and big) nesting projects on my list, I am finding such comfort in just sitting down and writing again.