Spring Essentials

With Spring travels just around the corner, I’ve started to take stock of what new pieces I either need or would like to bring along with me.  And the more that we travel, the more that I am able to narrow in on what works best.  Think lightweight pieces, layering options, a budget-friendly hat (because […]

Travel Savvy Gift Guide

With all of the traveling that we’ve done recently, we have really had some good opportunities to test out a bunch of different travel products (and there are a lot out there!).  At this point, we feel like we have weeded through the good and the bad, and figured out what products help to streamline […]

Hygge Gift Guide

For me, hygge (hoo-ga) is that cozy feeling that you get when it’s snowing outside, you hear the faint crackle of a fire, the lights are turned down just a little bit, and you’re surrounded by friends and family.  Oh…and you’re probably wearing your jammies.  (And enjoying a nice bottle of red wine.) It’s a […]

DIY Step-Hem Jeans

For the past few months now (or maybe even longer), I have been toying with the idea of making my own step-hem jeans.  Besides the fact that they are pretty much everyone’s go-to pair of denim right now, my friend and oh-so-stylish fashion blogger, Kali, created her own pair on her blog, In Spades.  She […]


Is anyone else completely loving the whole loungewear as daywear trend right now?  For me, someone who would happily always be in either loungewear or jammies, this new trend is pretty much the greatest thing that has happened since…well…ever.  I’m all about comfort, but it often used to be a choice between comfort or style.  […]


Remember my big home/decor inspiration post at the start of the New Year?  Yep, I have been majorly overhauling our apartment since then.  And although I sometimes feel like, “when the heck is it going to be finished?”, the hubby has also been gently reminding me that we’ve actually gotten a lot done in just […]

Be Mine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to make sure that ya’ll are all set up with the perfect plan for a romantic night in with your sweetie.   A night in?  On Valentine’s Day?  Now, that may sound non-traditional to you, but trust me.  Follow my Valentine’s Day recipe, and your night […]

New Year, New Look

Do you ever feel like your style is constantly evolving and changing?  Sometimes I feel like I have just figured out what I want to do in terms of style and decor for our apartment, and then I see a picture or visit someone else’s home and everything changes. And you know what?  That’s exactly […]

Fall Neutrals

Who else gets excited for Fall fashions?  Sweaters, comfy coats, snuggly fabrics, boots…what could be better?  For me, I mostly keep my eye out for neutral pieces to add to my closet.  For me, they are versatile and much more timeless than colorful or printed pieces.  I like to choose pieces that have lasting power […]


It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will officially be in Fall.  The days are getting shorter, the air is starting to change and the fashions are definitely transitioning. Living in San Diego, I never need to officially change over my closet like I used to when we lived on […]