A Special Treat + the Small Things

Probably similar to most all of us right now, the days still seem to blend into the weeks, and even into the months. Have we really been in this pandemic and this quarantine lifestyle for almost six months now? Sadly we have been. Life is definitely still very different. Our weeks are far quieter than […]

A Fall State of Mind

It’s finally September, and yes, I do realize that Fall doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks, but I’ve already embraced a Fall state of mind. I think that we’ve all been looking for ways to feel uplifted and excited about something in life for the better part of this year, and for me, this […]

Dreaming of Disneyland

With Governor Newsom’s latest set of guidelines for the State of California announced and officially in effect, I can’t help but struggle with some feelings of disappointment. And I’m not suggesting that I don’t agree with his guidance for the State. Because in fact I do think that a slow reopening is probably our best […]

A Walk in the Park

On any given day, you can find us walking or running along the ocean. And as much as I absolutely love living so close to the water, and being able to hear the waves crash, and smell that salty air. . .sometimes you just need a little greenery in your life. And yesterday morning was […]

Fall Travel Ants in My Pants

the most beautiful Fall leaves in Boston / November 2019 The air is definitely not starting to have any hints of Fall here in San Diego. But I all too well know and remember that things are starting to change elsewhere. Having (mostly) patiently waited out the pandemic (which is sadly still very much ongoing), […]

Life Is a Balancing Act

My Mom always used to say to me that life is a balancing act. In fact, it is still something that I hear from her from time to time. And she’s spot on, because life really is a balancing act. And lately, I don’t want to say that life has been out of balance, but […]

Lucky No. 13

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. And really, it still kind of feels like just yesterday that we met during my first week of college and practically fell in love at first sight. Somehow we don’t feel old enough to already be celebrating 13 years of marriage. But here we are, still […]

Tips for Keeping a Positive Perspective

I’ve been reflecting more on how the news is affecting our lives. And what I’ve started to notice, is that it seems like a lot of people’s perspectives and energy has become dependent on what kind of news that they are experiencing. For example, if there is positive news, then life will most likely feel […]

I’m a Little Bit Country

our typical early morning beach walk view As much as I feel like I’m a city girl through and through, and even though we will most likely always live in a big city because of the nature of Ryan’s work, I’m definitely a little bit country too. I’m not sure if what I grew up […]

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

The cat’s been out of the bag for a long time – we are a pizza family. We love homemade pizza, and we have no shame in our game. Pizza easily makes it’s way into our weekly dinner rotation, and some weeks we’ve even been known to have pizza more than once. Yep, we love […]