The Very Lost Art of Using a Camera

Growing up, cameras felt like something brand new.  Obviously they weren’t, but the technology was definitely still developing, and clearly there wasn’t a “smart” anything.  I still remember the few times that my Mom started looking for a new camera.   We would drive to the tiny little camera shop in our town, and very cautiously accompany […]

this week’s highlights

“There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved.” – George Sand Saturday / I almost can’t believe it, but today Ryan and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. 12 beautiful years together. Countless memories. So much laughter, and more love than I could have ever dreamt of. I feel so […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / We started off our morning with a long walk, and a swing by the farmer’s market. To my great delight, this morning I was accompanied by my brand new and almost ridiculously sized sun hat. Yes, it was originally made for lifeguards, but honestly I am as happy as a clam having the […]

Piccola Università Tropea

I have been truly blessed to have studied at eight, maybe nine different schools in Italy. But the truth is that I have actually transferred out of three or four of those programs after the very first day. So really when it boils down to it, I have only “studied” at four different programs in […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / J.R. Organics at the Little Italy Mercato rolled out their Summer watermelon selection this past weekend, and I picked up a baby orange one for us. And beyond being super sweet, it was sooo juicy and refreshing! Sunday / We stopped and picked up some coffee and doughnuts from Clayton’s to enjoy while […]

Calabria Without a Car

How to spend our time in Italy was something that we debated about for months. What is normally an easy decision for us, and one that I typically have a strong feeling about, was anything but. Beach or mountains? New cities, favorite cities, or a mix of new and old? Go to school, or don’t […]

simplehuman Rechargable Sensor Soap Pump

Let me be honest. . .I think that the very last thing that I ever thought that I would be talking about here on the blog was a soap dispenser. (And in fact, you’re probably thinking the very same thing.) But you know what? This soap pump is awesome! When it comes to soap in […]

3 Perfect Hours in Venice

So we basically had three hours. And even that was being a bit generous and optimistic. But really no matter how much time you have in Venice, my suggestion to you would always be the same – wander, eat good food, drink good wine, wander some more, linger while you wander, and leave happy. And […]

Clover Sonoma Organic Cream Cheese

So it sort of happened. Over time, but yeah it did. We sort of became “those” people. You know. . .those people who are maybe a little too aware of every single ingredient in their food. Those people who are in the grocery store reading food labels like novels. Yep, we’re those people. But at […]

There is Time Enough for Everything

So it’s sort of that time of year when we are normally taking an extended holiday in Europe; something that we usually start planning for after all of the excitement of Christmas and the holidays have worn off. And typically without hesitation, I have a few ideas up my sleeve about where we should travel […]