The First Signs of Winter + Appointments Galore

Saturday / Each day that I go out for one more run, I think to myself, “okay, today might be the day. . .this might be my last run for this pregnancy. . .” Already I’ve run into my pregnancy far longer than I anticipated to, and surprisingly today felt the best that it had in awhile. But again, who knows. I’m just taking everything day by day, and carefully listening to how my body feels. But if today was my last one, well, it was great and I am so grateful for that.

Sunday / I asked for some advice over on Instagram about what Ryan and I should try to enjoy before baby boy arrives. And the best piece of advice that we got from several of you, is to just slow down and enjoy this quieter time in life together. And that is exactly what we did this morning. We drove up the coast to Encinitas (not something that we really ever do), and we spent the morning around town. We picked up a couple of cake donuts from the rightfully famous Leucadia Donut Shoppe, we got my now most favorite coffee in the San Diego area from Ironsmith Coffee Roasters, we walked all over town, and then we picked up a loaf of fresh sourdough for the week from Prager Brothers Artisan Bread. It felt like a complete treat and a total escape from our normal routine, and something that we could both get used to.

Monday / After our delightful change of pace yesterday morning, we felt inspired to keep at it today. After a just minutes long rain shower, instead of heading over to Coronado for a long walk like we normally do, we took ourselves to Mission Bay to enjoy the overcast skies and cooler morning weather. This has without a doubt been the absolute hottest year that we have ever experienced since moving to California, but this morning gave us a little hope that we might actually get to experience the teensiest taste of Winter this year. Hopefully.

Tuesday / And speaking of weather. . . It seems that just about everyone back East is now officially preparing for a gloriously big snowstorm, and this Wisconsin girl is feeling very left out and mildly jealous. I am definitely a four season kind of girl, and even though it is so amazingly beautiful here in Southern California, I would do just about anything to get to experience that magical first snowfall of the season. (Sigh.) But alas, here we are running along the Bay on Coronado, just dreaming of snowflakes and sugarplum fairies.

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Wednesday / One of the things that I really didn’t realize before getting pregnant, was how much work can go into preparing for labor. And while I do know that everyone’s path and journey is different, this whole labor prep business for me (and for us) has sort of felt like a full time job. Aside from staying active, there are the books that we’ve been reading, the meditating and visualizing, the yoga ball figure eights, the stretching videos, the Spinning Babies exercises, the deep breathing exercises. . . Plus today I met with an amazing Webster Technique chiropractor for the first time (which was a two hour visit) (which I really thought was going to be about 30 minutes at most), and then we have our three hour hypnobirthing class tonight! The feeling of not having enough hours in the day is definitely real right now.

Thursday / Today was basically just a continuation of baby prep things and appointments. And much like yesterday, things took a little bit longer than we were anticipating. My midwife was unfortunately running a bit behind today, and so my prenatal checkup ended up taking about an hour and a half, instead of the normal twenty or so minutes. But. . .baby boy is still perfectly healthy and perfectly developing, and I truly couldn’t ask for more. Hearing his strong little heartbeat is absolutely one of the most special feelings in the world.

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Friday / One of the first things that I said to Ryan this morning after we woke, was asking him if I had any appointments today. Normally we really don’t have very many outside activities going on, and to my introverted self’s delight, we had nothing on the docket for today. So after we got our new cellphones up and running (#gettingitdonebeforebabyishere), we drove back up the coast for a cup of coffee and some fresh bread to get us through the weekend. (If you are local and have a little time, I truly can’t recommend both Ironsmith Coffee Roasters and Prager Brothers enough. Trust me, it is completely worth the beautiful drive.)