Easter + More Quarantine Cooking

this year was our first year dying brown eggs

Saturday / The Easter festivities officially began today. And honestly, we almost forgot that Easter was already here. Normally we are surrounded by family this time of year, but because of the stay-at-home orders, things have been very different. But the show must go on. Or in this case, the traditions continue. So today Ryan and I hard boiled and dyed our Easter Eggs in preparation for our annual egg fight tomorrow.

carrot cake + card both handmade and decorated by the hubby

Sunday / He is Risen. Happy Easter, and thanks be to God! Today we celebrated Easter in a way that we would have never imagined doing. Aside from when we went walking, we spent the entire day at home in our pajamas! We went to virtual church, we cooked, we had our egg fight, we got visited by the Easter Bunny, and we enjoyed lots of quality time with our families via WhatsApp. Different, yes. But a beautiful day filled with very joyful hearts.

gnocchi inspired by Osteria Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy

Monday / Today was going to mark the end of our rain, and the start of (what would most likely be) endless sunshine. We woke up to blue skies, but before we could even finish brushing our teeth or pull on our sneakers, the clouds rushed in and it started raining. Although we were looking forward to spending some time outside today, we both happily adjusted our plans to spend one more day cuddled up inside. The house projects continued (like going through our dresser and some more papers), and then we rounded out our day with a nice bottle of red wine, and some dreamy, truffled gnocchi.

Tuesday / Is it Tuesday? I feel like I can’t remember what day of the week it is anymore. But yes, it is Tuesday. After about a week of rain showers, (even though I love it) I woke up feeling restless today. Normally we go out walking everyday. But between the rain and the stay-at-home orders, we’ve literally only left our apartment on three occasions in the past ten days. So we decided to get out and make a trip to Target this morning. And seriously, it just made me so happy! We probably walked through every single aisle, and it basically felt like the most exciting thing that I’ve done in a month. (And just in case you missed it, I shared my Shrimp Scampi with Pasta recipe on the blog today. Make sure to let me know if you try it out!)

the view of downtown from Coronado

Wednesday / As I touched on yesterday, it finally started getting to me. You know, that kind of stir crazy feeling. Because even though I do work from home, I am now spending all of my time at home. So this morning we spent a little more time outside, and it was just what the doctor ordered. We went for a long walk along the water, and then we dusted off our bikes and went for a ride. It’s amazing what a little bit of fresh air can do for your spirit.

Thursday / Today was a pretty low-key day. But I guess that really most of them have been lately. I worked, we cleaned up around the house a little bit, we did a little cooking, and we went for another bike ride. I found yesterday’s ride to feel so freeing and liberating, and my heart was craving that feeling again. So we put our masks and helmets on, we blasted some Beach Boys on our portable speaker, and we just enjoyed that beautiful sunshine.

sticky bun recipe via Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Friday / It was a sticky bun kind of morning. As I’ve touched on a few times this week, the feeling of being “cooped up” has finally caught up with me. And while a little bit of fresh air has mostly cured the aches of being stuck inside, this morning we needed something a little extra. And so as Ryan prepared our coffees, I suggested sticky buns. And as it turns out, yes, sticky buns do make quarantining just a little bit more enjoyable.

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  1. Vanessa F. says:

    I totally miss going to Target for recreation! I can’t wait for the days when I can just run there for no real reason other than wanting to wander through the aisles for fun!

    1. Yeah…I totally feel you Vanessa. I think that we are all counting down the minutes and moments until “normal” resumes.

  2. I’ve never tried the Artisan Bread sticky buns, I’ll give them a go tomorrow!

    1. Let me know what you think Lily – – and just in case you haven’t made them yet, I find that it’s always a good idea to double the amount of cinnamon sugar that you put inside of the buns, and outside for the caramel! Enjoy!

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