Daydreaming in the Midst of it All

I feel like my timing is off. And to be honest, I have been pushing these feelings down because I feel a little bit guilty for admitting them. But here it goes – I have been yearning with all of my heart to get away. To fly away to Provence or to Italy. To the warm waters of Greece, or to places unknown. Yes, in the midst of this all, daydreaming is where I keep finding myself.

Normally we plan a big trip for June, and we had actually started planning it. In fact we were just starting to look at airfares when this all began to unfold. We were going to be spending a few weeks in Italy, and then a week or two somewhere else. We would be in Tuscany taking classes, and then maybe heading South to be by the sea. Even now as I write this, I can almost feel that warm, golden sunshine on my face. None of us could have predicted this.

So no, we will not be traveling at all this Spring, but the trip will happen. We both trust and believe that life as we’ve known it will return. But until then, I’ll just keep daydreaming.

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Keep staying home, staying safe, and most of all. . .keep daydreaming! Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you see? I’d love to know all of your most favorite daydreams!

2 Replies to “Daydreaming in the Midst of it All”

  1. I’m mostly daydreaming about being able to go to the park with my kids again and watching them play without being fearful. I know all of our daydreams are coming true soon!

    1. Oh man, to go to the park again! That really sounds so wonderful. If anything, this time at home has reminded me of how blessed of a life we truly have, and that we really can’t take anything for granted. Here’s hoping that the parks will open up sooner than later!

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