Our Christmas Tradition

As a kid, the anticipation of Christmas morning and running down the stairs to find the Christmas tree piled high with presents from Santa was almost unbearable.  For me, there was (and still is) just something about Christmas morning that made everything feel so magical.  And so as adults, Ryan and I really wanted to continue that tradition, and more so, that feeling.

During the first few years of our marriage, we planned out secret gifts for each other, and we were even lucky enough to still have Santa visit us, leaving presents under our tree just like when we were kids.  But after a few years, and really having everything that we could need or want in life, our ideas and vision about how to celebrate Christmas started to shift.

For me (and for Ryan), the most important thing that we could give each other is just a sweet love note.  Something that shows me that Ryan took the time to write something special; something that shares those lovey dovey thoughts and feelings just a little bit more than any other day.  For us, this is the best kind of gift that we could possibly give each other.

Over the years we have shared with each other a mixture of store-bought cards, homemade cards, funny cards, romantic cards – every year is a little bit different – but that is also what makes it feel so fun and so special.  I feel the same surprise, excitement and magic to receive my Christmas card from Ryan as I did as a child waiting to open up that first present.

So no matter how you celebrate and whether this Christmas brings you a pile of presents from Santa, a gift from a friend or maybe just a sweet love note, what I hope for you is that you feel all of the magic and wonder that this time of year brings.   Merry Christmas.

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  1. I love this beautiful tradition that we share! Merry Christmas Katie!

    1. Awwwww <3

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