While on our quest to transition our lives to be filled with only green, clean and organic basically everything, we found ourselves with an ever-growing list of things that we wanted to replace.  Our goal was simple, but the tasks seemed to be endless.  Especially when we started working on our health and beauty products. […]

Easter + More Quarantine Cooking

this year was our first year dying brown eggs Saturday / The Easter festivities officially began today. And honestly, we almost forgot that Easter was already here. Normally we are surrounded by family this time of year, but because of the stay-at-home orders, things have been very different. But the show must go on. Or […]

Being Home, Pasta + Dr. Seuss

I’m sure that it’s been apparent that I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting lately, especially since I have written about it several times now. And something that I’m really realizing about myself more and more, is that I really cherish a quiet life. As much as I love to travel, to try new […]