Happy Eat-ster


Happy Easter!  Spring is here and Easter has been celebrated.  Although it was just the two of us this year, we still celebrated in full force, making sure to include each of our family traditions (which all pretty much revolve around food).   Our first task for preparing for Easter was dyeing Easter eggs.  My family has a long history of having egg fights, so dyeing eggs is always a must do.





In my family we dye and decorate eggs, and then on Easter we have an “egg fight.”  For those of you who don’t know what that is, we basically try to crack each others egg, while keeping our own egg in tact.  The person who is left standing with the least cracked egg wins.  Typically there is some sort of prize involved as well (which increases all of our competitiveness).  Since it was just myself and the Mr., we didn’t bother with a prize, but I will say that I won!  I finished with two completely in tact eggs.  I had quite the egg-cellent performance.

Another tradition from my family, was that the Easter bunny (thanks Mom and Dad!) would hide our Easter baskets throughout the house, and we would play a ‘hot and cold’ game until we found our baskets on Easter morning.  Looking back, it seems curious that my parents always knew where the Easter bunny had hidden our treats, but I never put two and two together as a kid.  Since we only live in a small apartment, there aren’t too many hiding places, but we both still play along and have a great time with the game.


the Mr. ‘hid’ mine on the hamper


i ‘hid’ his under the grill


yummy baskets ready to be dug into!

After exchanging Easter cards and ‘searching’ for our baskets, we prepared our Easter brunch.


hot cross buns, scrambled eggs, fruit and mimosas on the patio

After filling ourselves with brunch and Easter candy, we walked down to church for Easter Mass.  We decided to relax the rest of the day, spending some time outside in the sun, and some inside preparing dinner.  The Mr.’s family always celebrates Easter with a baked ham and mac’n’cheese.  We have happily continued that tradition.  This year we added a Caesar salad to start.  The recipe for our salad was recently shared with us from my Dad, and it is to die for.  It is the best Caesar that I have ever made, I will definitely share the recipe soon.



ham, mac’n’cheese and champagne, the perfect Easter


For dessert (aside from all the candy that is), I made our ever favorite carrot cake with raisins and pecans.  We found this recipe a few years back from Cooks Illustrated and it has been our favorite carrot cake recipe so far, with one change…we double the cream cheese frosting.  I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend!

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