Traveling with Teppy

Simply put, I am horrible with directions. My inner compass or directional instincts? Well, they basically don’t exist. On our honeymoon when we had to rely solely on printed out Google maps, I directed us 45 minutes in the wrong direction from our bed & breakfast in Florence. And if you know how small Florence is, then you know that is quite the feat. When we lived in Philadelphia, I notoriously took the wrong exit to the same mall 99.9% of the time. Even when I was on the phone with my husband, who would be desperately trying to help direct me. Yep, I am definitely not the person in the group to rely on for directions.

But to both of our great delights, here enters Teppy. We discovered Tep Wireless right before our trip to Thailand, and it was the perfect timing for us for a few reasons. One, I knew that I wanted to be able to do some work while we were away. But also, we knew that the language barrier would be too great for us to communicate anything on our own. So we rented Teppy, a pocket WiFi hotspot from Tep Wireless, and we have pretty much never looked back.

Our Teppy has now been all over the world with us. It has taken us for tapas in Spain, on endless train rides throughtout Italy, along the winding roads of Provence, ATVing in Greece, connecting with family in London Heathrow. . .and on our most recent travels, it took us from Venice to the South of Italy, across the Strait of Messina to Sicily and back home.

It has been our life-saver, mobile-office-creator, family-connector, restaurant-finder, and overall peace-of-minder. It is the first thing that I recommend to anyone traveling internationally, and it is our favorite travel companion. It is our road-less-traveled guide, and our explore-the-unexplored buddy. Travel wouldn’t be travel without Teppy.

Here are just a few of the perks that we enjoy with Tep Wireless:

  • Teppy easily fits into any pocket or purse.
  • It has an extremely fast and reliable connection.
  • It keeps its charge throughout a full day of use.
  • You can connect up to five devices to one Teppy.
  • It is reasonably priced, with plans starting at just $9 per day.
  • It is available for travel in over 100 worldwide destinations.
  • Tep Wireless offers complete customer care and support while traveling.
  • It is shipped directly to your home, and includes an envelope for easy returns.
  • You can either rent or purchase Teppy, depending on your needs.
  • And you can now go and use the code “KMIABELLAVITA” for 10% off your next rental or purchase with Tep Wireless! (Available for my first 100 users.)

Tep Wireless and I partnered together for our travels in Italy this past June. The cost of the device was provided complimentary to me; however, no compensation was received for sharing this review. This is a product that we have personally used for years, and I feel so blessed to now work with a company that I feel so passionately about.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have a personal computer telling us we’re going the wrong way!

    1. Right?!? The Teppy has definitely been a lifesaver for us *many* times!!

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