Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Can

Of all of the things that I would have never thought to be writing about on the blog, recycling bags probably ranks up there pretty high. But here we are on this gorgeously Fall Friday, and yes, I want to talk to you about recycling bags.

As you well know, my love for organizing and cleaning runs deep. It’s basically in my DNA. And the more that I find new ways to clean and organize, well, the more that I really want to. Which by the way is an especially useful talent when living in an apartment. Just like space is a premium in the city, well-planned organization is city-living gold.

For us, the designated recycling area in our apartment is a space that I would like to pretend doesn’t exist. We recycle a lot. Anything that can be recycled, we recycle it. Which means that we often have a pretty good-sized pile of things sitting around waiting to be taken out to the refuse room. Which also means that this particular area of our apartment that I am referring to is often a bit of an eye sore. But lucky for us, the Container Store truly seems to have a fix for just about everything. Including recycling.

As usual, we went in for just one thing. And then also as usual, I cleverly suggested to Ryan that we do a “quick pass” to see if we happened to notice anything new. Well, I don’t think that these Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Cans are new. But we found them, we brought them home, and we absolutely love them.

These are the features that sold us on the Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Cans:

  • No pun intended, but they have literally cleaned up our recyclables. And yes, they. We brought home two. One for our general recyclables, and the second for our specialty items (i.e. our Nespresso pods, clean and dry plastic bags and the like).
  • They are just about as large as a paper grocery bag, which gives them plenty of recyclable real estate.
  • The exterior is made from a sturdy cotton canvas, and the interior is lined, protecting the bag from any water or liquid spills.
  • The bag only requires an easy damp cloth wipe clean if needed.
  • The top lip of the bag is framed with metal. So once opened up, the bag does not fold down or sag. Alternatively though, you can squish the bag flat for easy storage.
  • The design is a bit narrow, making it perfect for small spaces or homes.
  • The long handles make for easy transport to your recycling container or refuse room.
  • For a recycling bag, the aesthetic is really quite pleasing and modern.
  • And obviously (but importantly), it’s a reusable bag. Which means that these were basically a once in a lifetime purchase.

3 Replies to “Umbra Charcoal Recycle Crunch Can”

  1. Wow, those are so fancy, I love them!

    1. Thanks Linda, we really love them too! And honestly, I know that it is kind of silly that we do, but sometimes it is really just the small thing in life, right??

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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