While on our quest to transition our lives to be filled with only green, clean and organic basically everything, we found ourselves with an ever-growing list of things that we wanted to replace.  Our goal was simple, but the tasks seemed to be endless.  Especially when we started working on our health and beauty products. When we opened up that can of worms, we quickly realized that roughly 99% of the products that we had been using were laden with chemicals, were clearly not organic or fair trade, and unfortunately were coming from companies that tested on animals. Changes needed to be made pronto.

And as you can imagine, some of the changes have been easier than others. In some cases, we’ve been lucky enough to find products that have instantly out-shown our old ones. And with others. . .well, the trial stage has sometimes left us feeling less than enthused. But in all of this, there has been one line of products that has brought us only the good stuff. No struggles, no longing, and definitely no worn out feelings. Cocokind came into our lives and completely swept us off of our feet.

“Wow.  Amazing.  My skin feels so clean.  This feels SO luxurious.  My skin is glowing. This makes me feel like I am at a spa.  It feels like a special treat to wash my face now.”

Those are just a few of the reactions that we both shared after just a single use of any of the Cocokind products. Because yes, the moment that Ryan saw my reaction to these products, he voluntarily wanted in on it. And really I can’t blame him, they are that good.

Why We Love Cocokind

  • All of their products are made with certified organic ingredients.
  • There are no ingredients that you can’t easily read or pronounce.
  • Some of their products are so “clean” that you can literally drink them.
  • It is a women owned company.
  • Their products are vegan + cruelty-free.
  • They don’t use any synthetic fragrances, only organic essential oils.
  • Their prices are insanely reasonable. (Everything is under $22.)
  • The packaging is almost completely recyclable.
  • Their products last a long time. As in, a little goes a long way.
  • The products are fun + easy to use. (Seriously.)
  • Their products are available online + in stores like Target or Whole Foods.
  • It makes our skin feel squeaky clean, light, refreshed + happy. Yes, happy skin!

Our Favorite Cocokind Products

facial cleansing oil / for that “deep down” clean feeling

oil to milk cleanser / a “lighter” and more gentle cleanse

rosewater facial toner / refreshes + re-energizes

glow essence with sea grape caviar / plumps, moisturizes + glows

chia facial oil / light in scent + feel, moisturizing, but never oily

sea clay kale mask / makes my skin feel like a babies bottom

chlorophyll mask / the perfect “restart” button for your pores + skin

sea moss exfoliator / deep cleansing, smoothing + brightening

mymatcha all over moisture stick / instant skin calmer + extreme moisturizer

macabeet tinted moisture stick / a beautiful, natural rouge

mai-light rosé highlighter / highlighter + eye shadow that makes everything shine

original lip balm / moisturizes, nourishes + it is soy-free

calming powder / the perfect baby powder + dry shampoo

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  1. I’ve seen some of their items at Target, I’ll have to give it a try!

    1. Yes, definitely do! Their products really are amazing!! And let me know what you think if you try anything!

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