Thirty – Six

How did I get here? I mean yes, I literally know how I got here. But really, 36? It’s sort of funny how when you’re young, you can barely wait to grow up. And time can’t seem to pass quick enough. But then you grow up, and start to realize how short and truly amazing […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / Did anyone else grow up watching such classics as “Nothing But Trouble,” “the Burbs” or even “Uncle Buck?” Yep, while other families were most likely snuggling up on the sofa watching “the Sound of Music,” my Dad was putting on “Edward Scissorhands” or the like. And although I was mildly scared (and scarred) […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / We probably go to the grocery store more than I would like to admit. And really, it’s a love-hate sort of situation. I actually love going to the grocery store. Except for the days when I don’t feel like going at all. But then I love that we are able to sort of […]

Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

For about the past year or so, Ryan and I have really gone down a hole. And the hole that I am talking about, is the one of clean beauty and home products, organic ingredients, using food items and products that are non-GMO, using more vegan and vegetarian products, reducing the use of single-use plastics, […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / It’s not often that we make it up to La Jolla on the weekends, which is sort of funny because that is really the only time that we can anticipate less traffic. But today we did. And not just for errands. In fact, no errands were run. It was purely for enjoyment. We […]

Garbage Pizza

Growing up, garbage pizza was my family’s go-to pizza order. But let me explain, because no, we weren’t putting any sort of actual garbage on a pizza. Garbage pizza was simply the nickname that we had for our typical pizza order – sausage, peppers, mushrooms and onions. So why did we call it garbage pizza? […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / In some ways I am more like my Mom. And then in others, I am more like my Dad. But in this way I am completely my Mom. I without a doubt shop for our produce based off of what looks colorful, and vibrant, and beautiful. I pretty much buy what speaks to […]

this week’s highlights

Saturday / Our routine of stopping by the Little Italy Mercato every Saturday morning is something that I look forward to all week. And knowing that there has been a bounty of gorgeous zucchini at J.R. Organics lately, I was already planning to scoop some up and bake one of our favorite Summer cakes – […]

Traveling with Teppy

Simply put, I am horrible with directions. My inner compass or directional instincts? Well, they basically don’t exist. On our honeymoon when we had to rely solely on printed out Google maps, I directed us 45 minutes in the wrong direction from our bed & breakfast in Florence. And if you know how small Florence […]

The Very Lost Art of Using a Camera

Growing up, cameras felt like something brand new.  Obviously they weren’t, but the technology was definitely still developing, and clearly there wasn’t a “smart” anything.  I still remember the few times that my Mom started looking for a new camera.   We would drive to the tiny little camera shop in our town, and very cautiously accompany […]