Life Is a Balancing Act

My Mom always used to say to me that life is a balancing act. In fact, it is still something that I hear from her from time to time. And she’s spot on, because life really is a balancing act. And lately, I don’t want to say that life has been out of balance, but I will say that the scales have definitely been tipping more in the direction of life, and less in the direction of work.

I’d love to share more with you, but all that I’ll say for now, is that we have a very exciting life project cooking. And it is because of this life project that things have been a little more out of balance than they normally would be. There has been a lot of dedicated time put into things that we normally wouldn’t be spending any amount of time on. But believe me when I say that we feel insanely blessed to be doing these things. It’s just that I am starting to find myself yearning for a little more of that balance between the life work, and the work work.

And so I’m finding myself back in the very place where I’ve been so many times before. I’m gently reminding myself of the mantra that I created for myself just about one year ago – “there is time enough for everything.” Yes, there is time enough for everything. I need to repeat this to myself about five or six times before it really starts to settle in. But then there I am, relaxed into that very reassuring thought. There is time enough for everything.

There is time to have weeks where not nearly as much work happens as I would like. And there is also time for weeks when so much work is happening that life gets put on the back burner. There is time to not feel inspired in the kitchen in the least. And believe it or not, there’s apparently even time enough to be practically stuck at home for six months and counting. Yes, there is even time for that.

I truly believe that everything in life has a place and a purpose. And right here, right now, when life is feeling just a little bit out of balance, I am encouraging myself to slow down, and to take a step back. I know that there truly is time enough for everything that I want out of this life, and that most definitely includes finding balance.

What are your thoughts on balance? Have you been struggling with it more recently? Or maybe you feel like it is an unattainable life goal? I’d love to hear your thoughts + insights!

2 Replies to “Life Is a Balancing Act”

  1. I definitely feel that balance is achievable, and this pandemic has taught me that balance is in the eye of the beholder. I used to think I was balanced between work and family, but after work being dramatically different the past months, and being with family becoming the entire day, I’ve settled into a new feeling of balance between my different daily routines.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you feel like you’ve found a new balance Helen – I really feel like one of the greatest keys to living a happy and fulfilled life is being able to flow and adapt with the different seasons. This is definitely a season of life that none of us could have imagined, but I do believe that we are only going to come out of this stronger and better!

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