Our Country Walks

Aside from the obvious of just spending time with my family, one of our favorite things to do when we visit my parents, is to take long walks through the beautiful countryside surrounding their home. Just simply being surrounded by exactly what I grew up with – the lush green, the endless rows of trees, and the fields filled with crops. Even though we love living in the city and most likely always will, I miss this. I miss this, and I needed this.

ozaukee county, wisconsin

We haven’t always been early birds. Like really, not by a long shot. But for the past six or seven years now, we have been, and we love it. Everyday we wake up early, and then Ryan makes us each a cup of coffee that we enjoy while we wash our faces, get suited up, and quickly check the news. And then we head out. And the earlier the better, because that means even cooler temperatures, and that means the most delicious brisk morning air.

At first the cold air feels a little bit jolting to us both, but it is glorious and invigorating. The sun is just barely starting to warm everything up. There is still a coating of crunchy frost on the grass. The birds and the turkeys are just beginning to mosey out for their breakfast. The cows are waking up, and the roosters are crowing. Yes, this is exactly what I crave. There are no other people, and rarely a car to speak of. Just us, and all of this gorgeous country.

the most beautiful and moody morning weather

In San Diego we typically use our walks as a time to catch up with family, or to listen to a podcast or an audiobook. But we wouldn’t dare do those things when we’re here. We so badly just want to be one with it all. So we chitchat about all sorts of things – how delicious the dinner was that my Mom made the night before, how much we’ve been enjoying the Netflix series Away, or pondering how many games of Hand and Foot we’ll squeeze in.

And then like clockwork, our conversation has a way of circling back to the same talking point each morning – the weather, the nature, the brisk air, and the smell of Fall. We can’t get enough of it, and we just can’t seem to stop talking about it. I repeatedly tell Ryan that “I’m thriving in this weather,” and he couldn’t agree with me more. It feels like home to both of us to be surrounded by this beautiful countryside. And lucky for us, it always will be.