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“There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved.” – George Sand

Saturday / I almost can’t believe it, but today Ryan and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. 12 beautiful years together. Countless memories. So much laughter, and more love than I could have ever dreamt of. I feel so unbelievably grateful and blessed, and my heart is truly bursting.

Sunday / I think that fate brought me this book. But in all honesty, it then sat on my nightstand for the better part of two weeks. I finally got around to reading it, and wow, I am completely blown away. Laura Lynne’s writing and story drew me in instantly, and I could not put this down. If you have any sort of interest in the afterlife, and our connection with it, then I would highly recommend this read.

Monday / Life is all about balance. So after a weekend of relaxing and celebrating, Monday’s “adulting” tasks felt a little bit daunting. Luckily though, I did manage to make it through my entire to-do list, and not only does that feel very satisfying, but I also somehow feel even more ready to conquer the week.

Tuesday / Today was one of those days where I really did not feel like going for a run. The mental struggle was definitely far more challenging than the physical. I put it off, and then just before lunch I said to myself, “it’s now or never Katie.” So I laced up my sneakers and headed out. Mentally I wanted to give up, but instead of stopping, I kept the wise words of Henry Ford running through my mind, “whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

Wednesday / We had been looking forward to tonight’s dinner since the moment that we had invited my in-laws to come over. And in my opinion, the menu couldn’t have been any more delicious – Frank Pepe’s Clam Pizza (as an appetizer), and then spaghetti with clams for the main event. Yes, it may have been just a bit shellfish of us to plan such a clammy dinner, but I’m pretty sure that everyone was quite pleased.

Thursday / Remember the time that I shared with you guys that Ryan and I had discovered ourselves to be rock people? Well, apparently we are puzzle people too. Months ago my mother-in-law had done a puzzle with our niece, and ever since then, we’ve both had the itch to do one ourselves. We picked this one up from Target quite some time ago (it’s Christmas themed, so you can do the math), and we finally just pulled it out and started it.

Friday / My Mom mentioned to me that she had just noticed the first little change in the air. You know, the change that starts to give you the notion that Fall is on its way? Yep, that change. And nope, we definitely do not get anything like that in San Diego. So while I continue to dream of living back in a four-season climate somewhere far more East, I’ve been drowning my seasonal sorrows with my favorite Fall candle, and looking through old photos.

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  1. Clams and puzzles, sounds like a pretty perfect week to me!

    1. Thanks Emma, it was a really great week! No matter what’s going on in life, I think that it’s always important to find the positive in each day!!

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