Dear Ryan

Yesterday we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, and I feel so blessed to be more in love with you today than any day before.  When we met in college, I had absolutely no clue what love was, how it felt or how it could completely change my life.  But it happened, and you changed me.  You swept me off of my feet almost 15 years ago, and somehow we have managed to only grow closer during tough times, to choose love and devotion everyday and to laugh (mostly) at each other’s quirks.

I know that we are beyond lucky to share more happy moments than sad, to spend more time laughing than disagreeing, and to enjoy the surprise of still learning something new about each other (and fairly often for 15 years in).

We spend as many waking minutes together as possible and never seem to get sick of each other, we just miss each other even more when we are apart.  We talk endlessly (seriously).  Has there ever been a couple in history who has talked as much as we do?  But I still can’t seem to get enough of you.  We probably pack on way too much PDA for just about everyone we know, but hey, that’s us.

I can only imagine the happy journeys that lie ahead of us, and I can barely contain my excitement that I get to spend the rest of my life and eternity with you, my handsome hubby.  Thank you God for bringing us both so many blessings in life, but most of all, for bringing us each other.

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  1. These past 10 years of marriage have been more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined, and being able to call you my wife still fills me with the most wonderful thrill of excitement and the deepest sense of pride! Your post today is so special to me, and is another facet of you, my beautiful wife!

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