So We’re Rock People

So apparently we’re rock people now. Yeah, you know, people who like rocks? Please feel free to laugh, because even I was hesitant to admit it. But yes, we are definitely rock people.

the artist’s palette (part of the artist’s drive)

At some point during our Death Valley National Park camping trip, during one of the many hour – long excursions to look at. . .you guessed it, rocks. . .Ryan turned to me and said, “. . .so I guess that we like rocks, huh?”

the golden canyon trail

What you most likely don’t know, is that my parents have an affinity for rocks. Over the years they have organized rocks into decorative borders for gardens, around fire pits, and even used them to create walkways. So as you can probably imagine, I’ve moved a few rocks in my life. And potentially as a result of that, I don’t think that I would necessarily think of myself as someone who likes rocks, as much as someone who just doesn’t like rocks at all.

the mesquite flat sand dunes

So when Ryan brought up this idea that we like rocks. . .well, to say that I was hesitant to agree is putting it lightly. But really, I knew that he was right. The proof was in the pudding.

badwater basin

We both counted that since moving to California, we had traveled to 10 different National Parks. And what were we doing at said National Parks? Well, we were either looking at rocks, hiking over rocks, or driving to a viewpoint. . .to yep, look at rocks that were in the distance.

the badlands at zabriskie point

So yeah, we’re rock people. I didn’t think that this day would ever come (and really, I’d prefer it if my parents didn’t catch wind that I do in fact enjoy rockery). But hey, I guess that it was better that we discovered our love for rocks. Because after all, there we were in the middle of Death Valley, having planned a whole vacation around rocks.

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  1. Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m a “look at your pictures of rocks” person!

    1. This literally made me “lol” Emma!!

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