this week’s highlights

Saturday / We started off our morning with a long walk, and a swing by the farmer’s market. To my great delight, this morning I was accompanied by my brand new and almost ridiculously sized sun hat. Yes, it was originally made for lifeguards, but honestly I am as happy as a clam having the extra protection and comfort.

Sunday / Tonight we experimented with recreating a pizza from our absolute favorite pizza and Italian restaurant, 2 Amy’s in Washington D.C. At the restaurant they call this the “Pozzuoli,” and it features tomato sauce, shredded fontina cheese, crispy sausage, grilled peppers and fresh parsley. Ours wasn’t an exact replication, but it was pretty dang close, and super delicious. . .especially with the addition of some Mike’s Hot Honey.

Monday / So it took a few months, but my first tomato crop has finally come in. Sadly this will be the majority of the tomatoes that we get this year – between traveling, problems with germination, lack of water, over-watering, caterpillars, and high winds, my plants had a bit of a hard go. But now they’re here, and we couldn’t be more excited to gobble them up!

Tuesday / Tuesday’s have easily become my favorite day of the week. After a little bit of persistence (on my part), Ryan finally agreed to take a tap dance class with me, and I honestly could not be more excited! Although I am having a blast having him as my tap dance partner in crime, what really makes me happy is that he is loving the class.

Wednesday / After meeting my in-laws for a little spot of happy hour, we made it home just in time to catch another beautiful San Diego sunset. It’s not something that we often take the time to enjoy, but it always feels so worth it when we do.

Thursday / I make a point to do a little bit of Italian studying mostly everyday. And while it’s not a lot, I figure that it’s better than nothing. And after reading this article earlier in the week on how to learn a language, I am suddenly feeling really good about my small efforts. Yes, something is definitely better than nothing. And that something definitely adds up.

Friday / I almost didn’t make it out for my run this morning, but I am so glad that I did. I had recently heard someone share the piece of advice, that you’ll never regret stepping out the door to do something active, and I couldn’t agree with that more. Definitely no regrets here.

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  1. That is how I work on piano Katie. Some days I will play 40 minutes other days 10. As long as you do something you make progress.

    1. I completely agree Pat…a little at a time is the best way to do it!

  2. I need that pizza in my life!

    1. It is SO good Will…I basically need it again too :)

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