this week’s highlights

Saturday / Yesterday we started traveling back home to San Diego. And unfortunately it did not go as planned. Mother Nature most definitely had a different plan in mind for us. An overnight stop in Phoenix with no rental cars to get home by sort of plan. So to say that I am already missing the simplicity of being home in Wisconsin would be a complete understatement. Take me back to the country, the family, the sweet doggy cuddles, and those beautiful pumpkins.

Sunday / I don’t know how he does it, but he did. We’ve barely been home 24 hours and Ryan has already planned, shopped and surprised me with an “at home” birthday celebration. And since he knows his wifey so well, he prepared my favorite, carrot cake.

Monday / Whenever we go home to my parents, I crave (like a crazy person) my Dad’s Caesar Salad. Even though we have the recipe (found here), there is just something special about the way that he makes it. It is always the best. So after having it at home, we came back to San Diego, and yep, I am again craving it like a crazy person. So we whipped one up tonight to have alongside our dinner. And while it wasn’t my Dad’s, it definitely hit the spot.

Tuesday / Although the leaves would be telling you otherwise, I think that it is safe to say that Fall has arrived in San Diego. And finally. I went out for an early morning run today and enjoyed the cool, just below 60° temperatures. The changing of the seasons is truly something magical, and something that I will always love.

Wednesday / Yep, we’re those people. We lugged back a couple of giant sacks of apples from the apple farm close to my parents house. And honestly, we couldn’t have been any happier to do so. These apples truly have the most beautiful cider-y and Fall aroma to them that you can smell from across the room. And since I am a firm believer in “your food should smell like what it is,” these apples are basically gold to us. So today I whipped up our first batch of applesauce and oven dried apple peels, and the house smells absolutely intoxicating.

Thursday / To be really honest, today was kind of an uneventful day. I did a bunch of work, ran a few errands, did some more work, and that was it. And then for whatever reason, we were both feeling sort of uninspired to cook tonight. (Shocking, I know.) And so we opted for some takeout from one of our favorite Mediterranean restaurants, TKS. We poured some wine, put on Hocus Pocus and had ourselves a nice quiet night in.

Friday / Tonight was a real treat for us. Usually the hubby is pretty tied up on the weekends with work, but tonight he had some time off, and it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy this Fall weather with some grilled pizzas, red wine and friends. Although for the most part I don’t miss having a “traditional” weekend, there really is something fun about having Friday night plans. Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Kathleen Weinstein says:

    As one of those lucky guests last night, I can attest that those grilled pizzas were delicious. Katie’s homemade crust is so yummy.
    Maybe she will share the recipe.
    Thank you both again for a lovely evening.

    1. You are really too sweet Kathy – – and we are so glad that you enjoyed the pizzas!! And actually, I do have a link to the pizza dough recipe that we follow, feel free to take a look at it here.

  2. I’ve been totally getting into watching all the Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus on Freeform-I love this time of year!

    1. Me too Mary!! This is definitely the best time of the year!! And it really gets me in the mood for Thanksgiving and then Christmas too!!!

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