Dad’s (Famous) Caesar Salad

For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been keeping a recipe folder. And while I’m not totally sure where he keeps it (although I would love to know), what I do know, is that it is filled with only the best. And so when my Dad says that he is going to cook dinner, you know that the recipe folder will be making a guest appearance. . .and you also know that it is going to be good. Really good.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a good Caesar Salad, then you are also the kind of person who knows that a good Caesar Salad is hard to come by. It’s sort of the unicorn of the salad world. No matter how reputable a restaurant may be, that unfortunately gives you no guarantee when it comes to this glorious salad. To our dismay, we often find ourselves chomping into something that has been overdressed, or under – seasoned, dressed with a “store – bought” dressing, lacking anchovies, or even sometimes too rich. . .the list of grievances goes on and on.

Now it’s not that I am picky when it comes to a Caesar Salad, it’s just that ever since having my Dad’s, I basically can’t have it any other way. It’s really that good. No, not good. It’s excellent. Life – changing in fact. Yes. This is a life – changing Caesar Salad recipe.

It’s homemade, but surprisingly it comes together in a flash. It requires mostly only ingredients that you probably already keep in your pantry. And you can make this baby in advance, or store any leftovers in the fridge for at least a week. (But be warned, there will rarely be leftovers.)

When paired with a deliciously crunchy and chilled head of romaine lettuce (just the way my Dad likes it), this dressing sings. It’s tangy, salty, crunchy, spicy with pepper, and perfectly creamy. Serve this any way you like it, and it will easily be a home – run. . .because I kid you not, this is truly the king of all Caesars.

My Dad had clipped this recipe out of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel years ago, and it has been a family favorite ever since. I was unable to find the recipe in the newspaper’s archives (perhaps it was published too long ago at this point), but I did find the exact recipe written here. As always, cooking is about enjoyment, and you should feel free to take some liberties and be more generous with ingredients that you appreciate more of. But definitely make sure not to forget a crunchy, starchy topping. Croutons, breadcrumbs or any other sort of bread topping would be perfect. We typically toast up some breadcrumbs with butter and garlic salt (until extra crispy), and toss those right into the salad. Because remember, homemade always has a way of tasting so much better than store – bought. . .especially with the extra garlic and butter!

4 Replies to “Dad’s (Famous) Caesar Salad”

  1. This post makes me want climb aboard the salad train tonight!

    1. Do it Linda!! It is seriously SO yummy!

  2. I love a good homemade Caesar Salad!! You are lucky to have the dad you have. Cherish him!

    1. You would love this recipe Mia, it really is SO tasty! And I agree, I am very blessed to have my Dad <3

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