Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: it’s the simple things in life. And when it comes to life’s simple pleasures, my Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich really takes the cake. On our (very) long list of things that we look forward to when we go home to my parents, my Dad making us breakfast easily sits right there at the top.

Growing up, breakfast was often my Dad’s territory on the weekends. Whether it be scrambling up a big dish of eggs and bacon, broiling up some of my Mom’s famous stollen, or making us his breakfast sandwiches. . .whatever it was, it was always delicious.

My Dad’s Breakfast sandwich is the perfect example of less is more. There are only a handful of ingredients – an egg, the optional (but suggested) slice of ham or crispy bacon, a fluffy english muffin, and then a slice of “junky” Kraft Singles American cheese – because it’s really how he puts them all together that makes this Breakfast Sandwich so special. No salt, no pepper, nothing fancy. Just really good ingredients, thoughtfully prepared.

The english muffin needs to be well toasted and then immediately buttered. And when it comes to english muffins, my Dad is partial to using Bay’s English Muffins (found in the refrigerated section), and for good reason. The eggs and meat (if you are using it) need to be cooked in some lightly browned butter. And while you should cook your egg to your liking, I highly suggest trying it nice and runny. And then when all of your ingredients are prepared, put the sandwich together, and let it sit for several minutes. This is really the key. Because after those few minutes, you will find yourself with a deliciously gooey, cheesy and perfectly toasty Breakfast Sandwich.

And in a funny twist, while I’ve been writing this post I’ve actually realized that this Breakfast Sandwich is truly a reflection of my Dad, and a great metaphor for life – no matter what you are working on or working with, take your time, do it right, and do it with love – because those are always the ingredients for success.

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  1. I recently discovered Bays after using Thomas my whole life, and I’ve never looked back!

    1. They really are that good!! I hope that you get a chance to try my Dad’s Breakfast Sandwich – – it is an absolutely delicious use of a great English Muffin!

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