My Cocokind Routine

The cat is out of the bag. You guys officially know that I am seriously obsessed (along with the hubby) with all things Cocokind. I can honestly say that there is absolutely not one single Cocokind product that I couldn’t recommend to you with the most glowing of reviews. Especially considering that I’ve practically tried them all. For me it’s just a matter of figuring out what works best for you and your skin. Everyone is different. Everyone’s skin has different needs. And everyone’s days allow for different routines. But for me, this is not only the routine that makes my skin happy. It’s also the routine that makes my heart happy.

My morning routine.

The mornings are when I like to take the most time with my skin. Since I work from home, I feel like I have more time in my mornings to sneak in extra steps, or to wear a mask while I do other things around the house or work. And yes, I do full well realize that this goes against what most beauty and skin experts would recommend. But it’s what works for me. And I think that the most important thing is to simply pick a routine that aligns with your life. Because at the end of the day, that is the routine that you will keep up with.

1 / oil to milk cleanser

2 / sea clay kale mask or sea moss exfoliator or chlorophyll mask

3 / rosewater facial toner

4 / glow essence with sea grape caviar

5 / chia facial oil when I need extra moisture or watermelon hemp oil

6 / original lip balm

My afternoon refresh.

I would say that I have a combination type of skin, leaning a little bit more towards the oily side. And so by the time the mid to late afternoon rolls around, I’m typically feeling like I’ve got a little too much glow going on. (Really just too oily.) And so I like to take just two minutes to do a little refresh. Nothing major, just a quick little reset that somehow makes all of the difference for my skin, and manages to give me a little mental reset too.

1 / facial cleansing oil or oil to milk cleanser

2 / rosewater facial toner

My evening routine.

Here’s the truth – when it comes to my evening skincare routine, I am really lazy. Like really lazy. And that’s just who I am. After dinner we both hit the major relax button, and I am typically almost sleep-walking out to our bedroom just in time to change into my jammies and brush my teeth. And really, that’s perfect with me. But that is also why I keep things simple. No scrubs, and definitely no masks. Because Lord knows that I would probably just end up sleeping the whole night through with it on. On a great night, I follow this exact routine. But most nights, I just stay flexible and do whatever happens to strike my fancy.

1 / facial cleansing oil or oil to milk cleanser

2 / rosewater facial toner

3 / glow essence with sea grape caviar

4 / vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar

5 / pore refining concentrate

6 / resurfacing sleep mask

7 / original lip balm

I know that a bunch of you were looking for me to share a breakdown of how I use my Cocokind products + so I hope that this post helped to map everything out for you. But please continue to ask me questions about what I use, how I use it, or even why I use it!

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  1. I love the idea of an afternoon refresh-it sounds so luxuious to mist myself with rose water!

    1. Thanks Melanie, it really is! It feels like a mini trip to the spa!!

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