Finding the Words + My Recent Distractions

This year has brought a lot of ups and downs. And on some days (or even most days) it has felt like more downs than ups. The pandemic and the lockdown that we have all faced has brought with it so many different life challenges. And just when it felt like we were maybe starting to turn the corner, and that normal was possibly going to start sneaking back in. . . Well, to be honest I don’t feel like I have the right words to express what has been going on.

I so desperately want to say the right thing. But I often find myself not saying anything, because I feel fearful about possibly saying the wrong thing, or having something come across in the wrong light. The last thing that I want to do right now is to add to anyone’s pain. But I also realize that by not saying anything, that I am contributing to the problem.

And so here’s what I can say – I want to be a part of the solution. I want to learn, to educate myself, to ask questions, and to extend so much more empathy out into the world. I know for sure that change requires change. But I also know that if we all make small choices to work towards change, that we can create a future that is grounded in acceptance and peace.

My recent distractions.

We finally got around to watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood with Tom Hanks, and not only did it make me feel so grateful to have experienced Mister Rogers during my childhood, but it also gave me so much good food for thought. Thoughts about people, thoughts about feelings, and thoughts about the power of patience and empathy.

Whenever life feels out of control for me, I tend to turn my energy to the same one thing that I can control – cleaning and organizing my home. You’d think that by this point that there would be nothing left to clean or organize, but you’d be surprised.

If I’m not cleaning or organizing as a way to decompress, then I’m definitely in the kitchen cooking. Cooking is a major relaxer for me. The kitchen is my happy place, and it is definitely a source of comfort for me. Which is why I got so excited about this article – a reminder to me about a great three ingredient meal perfect for a savory little lunch or dinner.

I’ve been a little more of a restless sleeper in recent years, but especially in recent weeks. I often say that I come from a long line of “processors” – you know, people who take their time to process things – and Lord knows that there has been a lot to process lately. So in a bid to give myself a delightfully restful night’s sleep, I’ve been looking into different natural methods to help encourage my brain to shut off before it’s lights out.

There have been a lot of “should” questions and thoughts going around lately. Should I do this, or should I do that? Should I say something? Should I go there? Should we eat out again? But the biggest of all of the “shoulds” still remains unanswered – should we travel? I wish that I felt like there was a clear answer. But we all know that it’s anything but.

Sadly there are no new Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood episodes to help guide us through these challenging and turbulent times. But at least we have Sesame Street. Yep, thank God for Elmo and Big Bird encouraging us all to do better, and to come together.

And that is the very thought that I would like to leave you with today – let’s all continue to do better. Let’s do better about keeping each other safe and healthy during this pandemic. And let’s do better to create a world free of judgement, violence, racism or hate. Let’s just do better.

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  1. I just watched that movie as well and loved it! Mr. Rogers really had such a wonderful message, I wish there were programs like that nowadays – I’d watch it every day!

    1. I agree, he was such a gentle and kind soul – someone with such beautiful messages to share!

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