Coronavirus Health + Wellness Resources

1. Coronavirus + How We Can Help

How we are trying to help fight Coronavirus, what we do, and the why behind it all. You’ll find tips on what we do to keep our home clean and ourselves safe, as well as ideas to keep a sound mind during the ongoing stay-at-home orders.

Tip: Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, it’s free + is a great way to help limit your outings.

2. Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Since finding safe and effective cleaners has proven to be quite the feat in recent weeks, there really is no better time to consider making your own solutions. The cost is nominal, the ingredients are few, but the cleaning power is anything but lacking. Plus you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are not bringing another chemical into your home.

Tidbit: Our recipe uses all-natural, organic + EWG rated ingredients.

3. Homemade Chicken Stock

In my opinion, bone broths are superfoods. They are packed with all of the nutrients and good stuff to boost your immunity and fight off all of the icky stuff, all while giving you loads of other benefits. They say that healing begins from the inside out, so let’s fuel our bodies!

Tip: My 5 ingredient stock is the perfect starter for a delicious Chicken Soup.

4. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Yet another thing that has fallen into the category of “things that you can’t find during a pandemic.” Hand sanitizer has been almost as elusive as toilet paper or cleaning wipes. Luckily making your own hand sanitizer is easy peasy, and only calls for two ingredients.

Tidbit: Our solution is almost completely organic, and 100% kid safe.

5. Spread Positivity

I think that we can all agree that (understandably) the news has been a bit down and dire lately. And honestly, it seems all too easy to get caught up in the cycle of negative talk with friends and family. This article is the perfect little spirit lifter, and positive energy reminder.

Tip: With the start of a new month, now is the perfect time to make a commitment to positivity.

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  1. Thank you for putting this all together-I’ve been making a point to stay positive, but it has definitely been challenging sometimes with all the negative news out there. I know we just need to keep it up though!

    1. Definitely just keep with it Jen, we are going to be out of this before you know it! Enjoy a nice weekend at home!!

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