Our Little Bubble

Saturday / just the beginning of another sunny + beautiful day

Much like most people’s lives, our life has been pretty quiet lately. Really quiet in fact. But like most things in life, with time you are often able to adjust to what at first might feel challenging, different, or even uncomfortable. And for us, that seems to have proven true with this much quieter life. We’ve definitely adjusted.

Things are starting to open up a little more week by week in San Diego, but personally we just aren’t there yet. We’re not really feeling adventurous enough to try out restaurants or go shopping. Because as it turns out, we’ve gotten pretty used to our little bubble at home. And aside from our daily walk or run, and our biweekly grocery hauls, we really don’t go out. And we’re perfect with that. In fact, we are both feeling a little sad knowing that this will all change again. And that our little bubble will soon be no more.

I know that everyone is different, but for us we genuinely love spending every single second together. Yes, even when we are disagreeing about something, or even when I am purposely doing something to get under Ryan’s skin. Yep, we’d still rather be together. And I get it, not everyone is this way, but this is us. And this whole pandemic and stay-at-home quarantine has literally just blessed us with even more time together. Because no, we most definitely have not gotten sick of each other yet. Quite the opposite in fact. Just the two of us, cozied up in our little bubble here, and not feeling ready to let go of it anytime soon.

But the world is changing, and really we are so very grateful for all of the positive changes. We are grateful for our collective health, for our safety, and for a movement towards a greater sense of peace and equality. We are grateful for all of the good that is evolving, for businesses opening up again, and although it will be bittersweet, we will be so grateful to have Ryan back at work. And then we will just adjust again. And we will get used to that new phase of life, and probably have feelings of not wanting to leave that one either. But that’s the lucky thing about bubbles – when one floats away, you can just blow yourself a new one.