The Happiest Place on Earth

Yesterday we enjoyed at great day at Disneyland.  The lines were not too bad, the corn dog was awesome, and we got to meet some new characters.  All in all, a great Disney day.  Although, anytime that you go to Disney and don’t have to wait 75 minutes to go on Peter Pan is a success in my book.




can’t leave without your fortune!
until next time Disney

4 Replies to “The Happiest Place on Earth”

  1. I love Disney Land! I live in FL, so I tend to visit Disney World more often. But Disney Land is where it all began, & I feel so happy there! Xo.

    Evolution of Glam

    1. Oh, you are so lucky! I haven’t been to Disney World in years!

  2. I love Disneyland! I’ve only been to the one in Paris and the one here in Tokyo, you surely feel like a kid going there :)
    xx Elle

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    1. I have never been to any outside of the US, but I hear that they are great!

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