Let’s All Do Our Part

It’s been 103 days since California became the first state to go on lock-down to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (not that I’m counting or anything), and just a few short weeks now since things have started to re-open. Life has changed, that we can all agree on. And the only thing that I have found to be certain during these past 103 days, are the small and simple choices that we all can individually make.

The news has been a little overwhelming – all of the surges, the new cases, and the predictions of what is to come if things don’t change quickly. And so I want to remind us all, that in the midst of these very uncertain and unpredictable times, the only thing that we can do, is to do our part. And that is certain, that is predictable, and that will help.

Is wearing a mask every single time that we take out our trash, go to get our mail or go walking fun? Of course not. Do we incredibly miss seeing our family and traveling? Without a doubt. Would we do just about anything to have Ryan back at work? There’s no question. But none of these things can change without change. Change requires change. I can’t wear a mask for you, and I can’t socially distance for family or friends. But if we all make these small (yes, very small) acts of goodwill, just imagine where things could be. This pandemic is not going to go away by chance. This will only go away by change.

Everyday we follow “rules” whether we think of it or not. We brush our teeth because our dentist told us that it is good for our dental health. We take our medications according to the recommended dosages without question. We wear our seat belts because the law says that it will protect our lives and keep us safe. We put our children in car seats, we lock our doors, pay our bills, wash our clothes, stop at stop signs, or even put on SPF. . . Most of our days are spent doing things in the very way that someone else has advised us to do so.

So why now, when people’s lives and livelihood are at risk, does there seem to be such an issue with wearing a mask, or socially distancing? Why has it become socially acceptable to not do the very things that we truly need to do to beat this pandemic? Why is there such push back for something that will help to end this health crisis, save lives, send people back to work, and take financial strain off of families? Is it because we live in a “free” country? And because you won’t have someone else tell you how to live your life? Well, then why bother brushing your teeth or doing any other single thing that has been advised to you?

It’s simple. We need to wear our masks. We need to socially distance. And we all need to do our part. So please, as we head into this beautiful holiday weekend, let’s celebrate our freedom through unity. We can beat this together. But only together, so let’s all do our part.

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2 Replies to “Let’s All Do Our Part”

  1. It has been disheartening seeing some of the roll backs and slow downs related to reopening the country back up, so your post is a great reminder that this isn’t just going to go away, we need to actively do our part if we want the country to move in a positive direction.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Jill. We can all do our part to do our part, and that makes ALL the difference!

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