Remember my big home/decor inspiration post at the start of the New Year?  Yep, I have been majorly overhauling our apartment since then.  And although I sometimes feel like, “when the heck is it going to be finished?”, the hubby has also been gently reminding me that we’ve actually gotten a lot done in just 5 weeks.  And while I agree, I am also the kind of person who starts a project and basically wants it done immediately.  Well, easier said than done with redecorating.

I’ve been joking that the people in our apartment building must think that we have started some sort of importing / exporting company.  Pretty much on a weekly basis now, we have been bringing things home, and then also either getting rid of old things or returning things.  I know that this is part of the process and that my vision will come together, but right now we are in a serious transition mode.  It either looks like we are moving in or moving out, which we are neither.  But patience Katie, patience.  It will get there.

So far, here are the new items that we have brought home and are completely loving:

grayson linen headbord  //  6 drawer dresser

large leaning mirror //  tuscan moroccan rug

wood and metal dining table  //  cole chair (now sold out) (similar)


And here are a few of the things that I am eying up to bring home next:

modern wood dining chair  //  chunky knit braided rug

washed linen shower curtain  //  tufted arm chair

textured braided rug

In this redecorating process, I’ve found out that my original plans for everything pretty much went out the window.  Everything that we have bought so far has basically been the opposite of where I thought it would come from or sometimes even what I thought it would look like.  And we are definitely still feeling the sad burn that our new linen bedding did not work out (it was so scratchy!).

So aside from everything else, bedding is really my big ticket item to find right now.  White bedding that won’t show stains too easily, looks comfy, relaxed and inviting…oh, and is machine washable.  That’s not too much to ask for, right?  Any idea where I can find this magical white bedding?  All joking aside, I know that we will find something that we love, it’s just taking a little longer than I anticipated.  (And ain’t that the theme of life.)

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  1. I love watching your vision come together, because you have such a wonderful eye for design! And fortunately we have each other to accomplish all of those “Team Lift” moments for our importing/exporting business…

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