Spring Essentials

With Spring travels just around the corner, I’ve started to take stock of what new pieces I either need or would like to bring along with me.  And the more that we travel, the more that I am able to narrow in on what works best.  Think lightweight pieces, layering options, a budget-friendly hat (because I’ve ruined several hats in my suitcase, and also had one blow away on me), pieces that wash and wear easy, and most importantly, comfortable shoes.

So far I’ve been finding myself drawn to soft fabrics, more relaxed looks, and pieces that can easily be mixed and matched together.  My goal is to just try and simplify things even more than I have in the past.  I keep finding that the less that I bring with me, the happier I am while traveling.  After all, having a little extra room in your suitcase is a great excuse to bring a few treats home with you.

1. White Linen V-Neck T-Shirt    2. White Linen Shorts    3. Grey and Purple Sunglasses

4. Straw Hat    5. Copper Soft Footbed Sandal    6. Windowpane Linen Top

7. White Bandeau Bikini Top    8. Blossom Print Dress    9. Citron String Bikini Bottom

10. Pink Glitter Metallic Criss Cross Sandal    11. Striped Soft Dress

2 Replies to “Spring Essentials”

  1. I love those Birkenstocks-you’ve inspired me to get a pair for myself!

    1. Oh good, you will love them – they are super comfortable!

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