DIY Step-Hem Jeans

For the past few months now (or maybe even longer), I have been toying with the idea of making my own step-hem jeans.  Besides the fact that they are pretty much everyone’s go-to pair of denim right now, my friend and oh-so-stylish fashion blogger, Kali, created her own pair on her blog, In Spades.  She made it sound so effortless and easy that I figured it would be worth a shot trying to make them myself before going out and buying a pair.  And with an old pair of cheap jeans lying around, I figured that I had nothing to lose.  (I would suggest not trying this with your best pair of denim if you aren’t used to cutting up your clothes.)

So here we are,  months later, and I have finally gotten around to re-styling the hem on these jeans.  And you know what?  It was super easy!  Here are the 6 simple steps that I followed to turn my cropped boyfriends into a pair of step-hem cuties.

As you can see I chose to go quite conservative with my step-hem.  But for me, that was just perfect.  Since I am just trying this trend out, I figured a baby step-hem was the right way to go.  But remember, just let your creative juices flow and follow your instincts when it comes to cutting.  Happy hemming!

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  1. Who knew cheese graters were so versatile! I love how your jeans turned out!

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