Hygge Gift Guide

For me, hygge (hoo-ga) is that cozy feeling that you get when it’s snowing outside, you hear the faint crackle of a fire, the lights are turned down just a little bit, and you’re surrounded by friends and family.  Oh…and you’re probably wearing your jammies.  (And enjoying a nice bottle of red wine.)

It’s a feeling that warms your heart, and a feeling that seems to slow down time and stretch out the night.  Or at least, if my understanding of hygge is correct, that is what the perfect hygge night would be for me.  And although I’m pretty sure that hygge is a little bit different for everyone, everyone definitely needs a little hygge in their lives.  Actually, a lot.  Everyone needs a lot of hygge in their lives.

So why not give the gift of hygge this holiday season?  The holidays are already filled with so many things that naturally contribute to hygge, so why not just turn everything up a notch and truly make this a holiday season to savor and remember.

1. double dark hot chocolate   / /   2. flannel sheets  / /  3. rose candle

4. pigs in a blanket  / /  5. flannel pajama set  / /  6. the Holiday

7. chunky knit blanket  / /  8. pom pom slippers  / /  9. winter flowers

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  1. I wish I could get some flannel bedding. It has been so hot in SoCal that I can’t even think about it without breaking out in a sweat. It makes me miss my days in South Dakota!

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