this week’s highlights

Saturday / Nope, the rain couldn’t keep us away from the farmer’s market this weekend. We’ve really hit a wet spell here in San Diego, and we are just two happy little clams over here splashing around town in our rain boots. Well actually, if you remember my story from last week, then you know that we are both splashing around in Ryan’s boots. But regardless of our footwear, it was a perfectly quiet morning at the market. And not having to fight the crowds was a real treat.

Sunday / Saturday’s market bounty brings Sunday’s pizza delight. You won’t be surprised to hear that we made our current fave (grilled cherry tomato and oregano) for dinner tonight, seeing as I’ve mentioned it many times lately. Simple and delicious to the max.

Monday / A few days delayed (due to a bit of a bead debacle), and about one million pine needles to clean up, but here she is. . .our first official real Christmas tree! She may be a bit lumpy and bare in a few spots. But to us she is absolutely perfect, and we will love her forever. (Or at least until she goes dry and brown on us in a few weeks.)

Tuesday / Toot, toot! Up to Disneyland we went today, and the halls are officially decked! Disney is our happy place anytime of the year, but especially during the Christmas season. And if you’re wondering to yourself, “. . .but Katie, is it even possible for Disney to be any more cheery and fun than it normally is?” You betcha! Toot, toot!

Wednesday / This is my favorite time of the day to head over to Coronado for a walk. The very early morning hours when the sun has yet to break between the clouds, and the streets are void of any traffic. Coffee in hand we stroll along the sidewalks, taking in the cool ocean breeze, and the gentle lull of the waves. Life is good, and we are most definitely blessed!

Thursday / We woke up this morning, and I told the hubby that I was taking him out for breakfast. And why? Well, because it’s a beautiful Thursday morning, and so why the heck not! Before both of our work responsibilities needed to “officially” start for the day, we swung by Little Italy to one of our favorite little spots, Herb and Eatery, for our favorite little breakfast sandwich. (Which actually is not very little at all. Best enjoyed shared!)

Friday / So it’s been a bit since I’ve gone for a run. (Thankfully I am *finally* over the pesky viral rash that plagued me for the better part of the Fall.) (An itchy horrible rash that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.) (That also happens to prevent you from doing any sort of activity that raises your body temperature.) (Because that makes the rash infinitely and immediately worse.) (i.e. running.) So here I am today, one foot in front of the other. And really, I’d like to tell you that my run was great, and that I felt like a unicorn galloping on a rainbow. But honestly I felt more like a crabby version of myself with concrete for legs.

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  1. The croissant sandwich looks delicious, I’ll have to try that sometime!

    1. If you are local to San Diego, then you should definitely go and try it, it is SO good! But you could also try and recreate it at home, and I bet that it would be super yummy!!

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