Coronavirus + Fear

Fear can take many forms, and it can be triggered by just about anything. But lately, or really for the past several months, it seems that the Coronavirus has instilled some level of fear into most of our lives. Fear about job security, about health, about family. Fear about the future, about travel, about resuming any sense of normalcy. Fear about germs, about eating out, and about how we will all come out of this. I can only begin to imagine all of the different ways that each of our lives have been touched by fear during this time of uncertainty.

But here’s the thing – fear is unfortunately something that holds us back in life. It stops us dead in our tracks, and it can prevent us from pursuing something, from trusting in someone, or from believing what we know to be true. Yes, the Coronavirus is definitely the enemy, but so is fear. No one is able to predict how long our lives will all be affected by this virus. That is completely out of our control. But changing how we deal with it? Choosing to not live fear-driven lives? That is where our control and our choices lie.

And so I am intentionally choosing a mental shift. And a shift is something that I think that we could all benefit from. But just to be ever so clear, in no way am I saying to throw caution to the wind and to just start living your pre-pandemic life again. Absolutely not. Please, wear your masks, socially distance, and follow every single guideline that has been provided to you to protect your health. What I am saying however, is let’s consider re-framing our thoughts. For example, instead of wondering when I might be able to “xyz” again, I need to be shifting that worry to a thought of gratitude. Like, “I am so grateful for my continued health.” Or perhaps when an anxious thought arises, I need to nip it in the bud with a positive affirmation. For example, “I am so grateful for all of my abundance.”

I am a big believer in authoring your life, and in literally creating the life of your dreams. And what I’ve been reminded of recently, is that I’ve given away some of my power because of some of the life circumstances that have made me feel out of control. But luckily before too much time has passed, I’ve remembered that I am in control. No, I am not in control of the Coronavirus. But I am in control of my life, my part, and my energy. And it’s time for me to start owning that again. To stop letting fear seep in, and to start being more wildly creative and more confident that life will bring me exactly what I need, just as it always has.

2 Replies to “Coronavirus + Fear”

  1. You’re so right! It has been so easy to get sucked into fear and anxiety over how this will all play out, and the idea of letting that go and just focusing on the positives is a wonderful took to overcome that.

    1. Thanks Jen! It’s definitely easy to let a negative thought take over your life, so working to keep mental balance and positivity is definitely something that I strive for, and something that I think can benefit us all!

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