K1 Speed

Having grown up in a family with a deep love for go-karting, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that there was an indoor go-kart track just down the street from where we live.  I think my reaction was something like, “what?!?  when did they open?!?  how did I not know about it!?!?”  Yes, […]

the Crack Shack

Today marks the start of a new series on the blog, and it’s pretty self-explanatory, “Dining Out.”  As you have totally figured out by now, the hubby and I are both big foodies, and so we are always excited to try a new restaurant.  But possibly different than other online resources for food, we are […]

the Rose Garden

If you’re a San Diego local, then I’m hoping that you already know about one of Balboa Park’s best kept secrets.  And if you don’t know, then let me clue you in. . .the Rose Garden.  Just off of the main drag of Balboa Park is the cutest little (actually not that little) Rose Garden.  […]

The Best Fish Taco

Before Ryan and I moved to San Diego, I remember my Mom telling us about how much my Uncle Mike, who lived in California at the time, loved fish tacos.  Yuck!  Fish tacos?!?  (That was seriously my reaction.)  Even though I loved all things fish, this Midwestern girl couldn’t quite wrap her head around the […]

Cowles Mountain

While Cowles Mountain might have a lot of different variations in pronunciation, one thing rings true every time, it’s a great hike. Just about 20 minutes outside of downtown, Cowles Mountain is a great hike for beginners, families, walkers, runners…everyone!  And that is probably why this hike is so popular.  And when I say popular, […]

Apple Picking

Nothing says Fall quite like apple picking – the fresh air, the smell of the orchard, sampling endless varieties of apples and apple pie – what’s not to love?  So we have made it a bit of a tradition in our house to haul out to Julian for an annual apple picking day. Julian is […]

Parlo Italiano

In High School I thought that it would be really “cool” (code word for not cool at all) to take Latin instead of any language that might help me speak around the world later in life.  Flash forward several years, I found myself married into an Italian family, only able to “speak” (code word for […]

Azzurra Capri

When the cute little cottage home on the corner of Fir and Columbia changed ownership, I was curious to see what would pop up.  When they started painting the cottage bright white and azzurri blue, I knew that it was going to be something great. Azzurra Capri really transformed the corner with it’s bright and […]