the Rose Garden

If you’re a San Diego local, then I’m hoping that you already know about one of Balboa Park’s best kept secrets.  And if you don’t know, then let me clue you in. . .the Rose Garden.  Just off of the main drag of Balboa Park is the cutest little (actually not that little) Rose Garden.  And right now it is in full bloom.



Sitting right next to the Cactus Garden, the Rose Garden is the perfect place to walk, wander, plan a picnic or just enjoy some sunshine.  There are endless rows of beautifully colored roses, and plenty of benches to sit and take it all in.



It’s definitely a favorite spot for me and the Mr. to swing by when we are on a walk through the park.  The whole garden is perfumed with fresh roses, and we seem to notice a new or different variety of rose each time we visit.  And honestly, it has been a nice welcome back to San Diego for me after all of my adventures in Italy.


It always feels relaxing to come here, and sort of like you hit the reset button on your day.  Maybe a little bit of nature’s aromatherapy at work?


And just in time for our holiday weekend here, which will be absolutely bursting with beautiful weather – make sure that you grab a friend, loved one or a good book – go out for a walk, soak in the sunshine, and stop and smell the roses.


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  1. I have visited the rose garden in Balboa Park – – it is truly special. You captured it’s beauty with your lens very nicely. Thanks for sharing ….

    1. Thank you so much James!

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