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Having grown up in a family with a deep love for go-karting, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that there was an indoor go-kart track just down the street from where we live.  I think my reaction was something like, “what?!?  when did they open?!?  how did I not know about it!?!?”  Yes, it is true, I love go-karting.

Without hesitation, the hubby and I planned our little go-karting date at K1 Speed, and practically couldn’t contain our excitement.

After arriving at K1, I think that my jaw pretty much hit the floor, and I said something to the effect of “holy cow!”  The facility is huge and beautiful.  Nothing like the dingy old outdoor go-kart tracks at the mini golf course that we used to go to as kids.  Nope, not at all.  We immediately knew that we were in for a treat.  This really wasn’t going to be go-karting, it was going to be racing.

As we were given a tour and a little intro about what our experience would be like, my jaw just about hit the floor for a second time as I watched people race by.  Yes, racing, this is definitely racing.   Pretty much at this point my husband’s excitement went through the roof – the idea of getting to put on a racing helmet and literally race around the track?  Pure husband heaven.

After getting registered, we picked up our helmets and got suited up into our cars.  With our engines raring to go (mostly in my imagination), we were ready to hit the track.

We all slowly (and politely) made our way onto the track…and then we were off!  Whirring around the track at what felt like a roller-coaster’s speed, cutting corners, passing other drivers (actually others were passing me), and just having the time of our lives.

As our race came to a close, the track attendant first gave us our last lap white flag warning, and then as we came in for one final turn around the bend, the unmistakable black and white checkered flag was waved in the air.  Aside from the super fast cars, the flags gave us a nice “I’m really racing” sort of feeling.

We parked our race cars (I wouldn’t dare call them go-karts after our experience), pulled off our helmets and giggled with pure joy.  It was just so much fun.  Seriously, it was a blast.  And if the experience alone wasn’t enough, we were given printouts with our speed stats versus the other racers, and how we stacked up nationally as well.  Pretty cool, right?

Not your typical, let’s hold hands and smooch kind of date…but a really fun, laugh your butts off after the fact kind of date – and that is a huge win in my book.  So if you’re looking for something a little different and unique to do with your Valentine, why not race into K1, it’s a whole new kind of speed dating.

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  1. That was so much fun, I loved reliving it in your post! It makes me want to put on the head sock we got to wear under our helmets and sit in a bucket seat somewhere!

  2. I would be in in a heartbeat, but I’d have to know they allow a bit of ‘bumping’ – – that’s half the fun. These babies look pretty sophisticated, though … I suspect not designed as bumper cars.

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