Greek Potatoes

Before traveling to Greece, I don’t think that I had any clue that there was such a thing as “Greek Potatoes.”  In fact, no, I definitely did not have any idea that I would come home from Greece craving their oh-so-savory Mediterranean style roasted potatoes. To our surprise, most restaurants in Greece tried to serve […]

Greek Salad

When we started planning the Greece portion of our trip, we also started to get really excited for all of the Mediterranean cuisine that we would be enjoying – especially all of the fresh fish and Greek Salad.  But the funny thing about us being excited for Greek Salad is that neither one of us had ever […]

50th State Pizza

Sometimes I get ideas for a new recipe completely out of the blue.  We could be lying in bed, minutes away from slumber, and then suddenly I announce, “I’m thinking about trying to make…(insert recipe here).”  I have no clue where this inspiration or these ideas come from, but what I do know is that […]