Villa Otero

I’m not going to lie.  It took a lot for us to get to Nice.  Originally we just had one simple train to catch directly from Milan to Nice, but unfortunately our train was delayed multiple times.  And then it eventually stopped in Menton, France…for good.

Luckily we were able to catch a bus from Menton to Nice.  But unfortunately, that bus ride took about an hour and a half.  And then there was one seriously crazy cab ride…like hold on for your life crazy.  But after eight long hours of travel, we finally made it into the doors of our hotel, Villa Otero, and boy were we ready.

The hotel concierge welcomed us and immediately offered us something to drink (she could probably tell that we were a bit frazzled).  We were escorted up to our room, and we were just so thankful to be able to set our bags down, take our shoes off and relax.  Phew.  We made it.

And thankfully, our room was perfect for our stay.  It was really spacious, decorated so adorably and so french, and it even had large terrace windows that allowed the natural light to pour in every morning while we enjoyed our coffee.

toasting to our arrival

The hotel itself had so many cute touches – a beautiful breakfast spread in the morning, an afternoon sweets bar…and…and here is the best part, access to all of the Happy Culture hotels in Nice.  That means that we had the luxury of using any of the hotels as if they were are own, facilities and afternoon happy hours.  Talk about hotel perks!

the hubby loved the sweets bar

Villa Otero made us feel very comfortable and welcome throughout our stay in Nice.  And you know what?  Staying there made our Nice stay very very nice.  In fact, it was perfect.  C’est bon Villa Otero, c’est bon.

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  1. “the hubby loved the sweets bar” – guilty as charged, those chocolate filled chocolate muffins were awesome!

  2. The joys of travel – yikes!

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