Nice, France

Since the hubby and I have arrived in Nice, I have been a bit more absent in the social media world.  Although I have still kept you all up to date with a few blog posts and Instagram posts, I have barely taken any photos here – and honestly, it has been really nice to be a little more disconnected with all things electronic.  Especially because it had been three weeks(!) since the hubby and I had seen each other.  Basically, it has just been really great to be back together and just enjoy our time together.  The best in fact.

We were both really looking forward to our first trip to the Côte d’Azur.  We had heard so many wonderful things about it – the beaches, the food, the wine, the glitz, the glam – we were excited.  But once we got here, we were both a little, well…maybe caught off guard.  Although Nice is beautiful (don’t get me wrong), it’s not quite what we were expecting.  But what were we expecting?  Well, I’m not exactly sure of that either.  I just think that since we have been blessed to travel to so many beautiful places in the world, we maybe prefer other beach towns over Nice.  But regardless, we did Nice our way.  We made the most of our time, and we absolutely loved every minute of it.

We started out our mornings either relaxing in our hotel room drinking coffee, or with a run.  Either way, we always found our way over to Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Jeannot for the most delicious croissant imaginable.  (But pass on the coffees and juices – pastries are definitely their thing.)

After breakfast, we picked up a beautiful Baguette Jeannot and then headed down the street to the Cours Saleya farmers market.  And here is where the fun really began – getting to pick out what we wanted for our beach picnic.  While we were in Nice, we got to try so many different fruits, cheeses, pastries, olives, tartes…it was so much fun (and tasty).

With our picnic in hand, we headed back to our hotel and would get all suited up for the beach.  We swung by the grocery store for an ice cold bottle of rosé, and then we set up shop at the beach.  We lounged, we drank, we ate, we tanned, we swam, and we sweated our little buns off.  (It was really hot in Nice.  Or at least hot by San Diego standards.)

rosé, quiche lorraine, tarte aux blettes, brie and french raspberries

After we couldn’t stand the sun any longer, we meandered back to our hotel, refreshed ourselves and then figured out a dinner plan.  Our goal for dinner was to avoid where the tourists were eating and head a little more to the outer parts of Nice to eat with the French.  And actually, we had great success in finding some real local gems.

local wine, farcis and socca

So here is what we didn’t do while we were in Nice: we didn’t visit any museums, we didn’t do any shopping, we didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, we didn’t take any day trips…in fact we didn’t do much of anything.  But, we relaxed, we reconnected and definitely enjoyed Nice our way.  With our memories in hand (and truly the best souvenir we could ask for), we are both looking forward to our next adventure.  Au revoir Nice!  Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. You may think that pastry doesn’t seem like the best beach food, to which I would assure you that it absolutely is! Our beach picnics in Nice will always be a special memory for me!

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